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  1. From the help… Smooth points—applies smoothing to the points of the polygon, resulting in the appearance of a continuous curve. This only applies when the curve of sides is greater than 0%. Well that came out larger than I anticipated!
  2. I doubt anyone can give you a precise answer because… There isn't that much experience within the community of this task (moving multi artboard files into Publisher). The community at large has not yet experienced the forthcoming integration of Designer as a persona within Publisher. Nobody else has your documents to work with, so we can't speculate on your exact requirements. There is bound to be a degree of personal preference, and different working methods rather than one 100% right solution. That said… I would import the .afdesign file into Publisher, convert to spreads, and start work from there. Unless there is a large amount of reorganizing to do, in which case I might start with a blank Publisher file, and paste the elements in from Designer as required. I would have very high hopes for the Designer persona, since it is the absolute core of Affinity's ambition for this product. I am sure they will have done a good job, so leaving your work thus far as editable and vector is a no brainer for me. Exporting as tiffs seems to loose all the benefits that we are anticipating.
  3. I use ScreenToGIF for making GIFs - link in my signature (no affiliation, just like the tool). It is Windows only, but tiny, portable, and easy to edit the GIF down to just show the bits where I don't make mistakes! And thanks for posing such an interesting query, was fun to puzzle out the easiest way to draw it.
  4. The colour can be set to Transparent (white circle with red line through it), but then it inherits the colour of the parent. If you drag the child out of the parent then the colour disappears. Drag it back in and the parent's colour reappears. I suspect that this is by design, so that you can see which parent a child belongs to. But I can see that it isn't useful in your scenario.
  5. Aammppaa

    Isometric/Cube grid plane switching

    Eep! Yep that's the difference! This is surely a bug. The original "Fit to Plane" correctly generates a pair of values for Rotation and Skew. It is as if that isn't being removed / zeroed before the new values are calculated.
  6. REAPER is an excellent example. As is XYplorer file manager, which has a searchable list of 100s if not 1000s of actions. I've said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating, we must be able to search both for actions, and existing keypresses. And, be able to jump instantly to the opposite half of any conflicting shortcut, so that it can be resolved.
  7. Aammppaa

    Isometric/Cube grid plane switching

    Tried to recreate what you did. My cube will happily switch to other planes and reform to make a perfect cube. So what did I / you do differently?
  8. Yes! That is the easy solution. Congratulations Here is a slightly refined(?) version of your solution… Draw the wide rectangle. Draw the thin rectangle. Ensure that it is longer than you need. And that it is centered over the wide rectangle. Select the wide rectangle With the Point Transform Tool, hold Ctrl to rotate only, until the corner snaps to the thin rectangle. Select the thin rectangle, and shrink it vertically (holding Ctrl for symmetry) until it snaps to the wide rectangle. Nest the thin rectangle inside the wide rectangle. Finally, rotate the wide rectangle back to horizontal, before un-nesting the thin rectangle.
  9. @Andre992 hello and welcome to the forum, You no longer need to use this workaround technique to get arrowheads on lines. v1.7 has arrows built in! Just draw your line, and select the arrows you want in the strokes panel.
  10. You are correct that the Replace Image hack is the only way to do this in Designer at present. Hopefully the Resource Manager will make its way into Designer at some point.
  11. I am pretty sure that this is by design. Perhaps you could find & replace multiple spaces with a line break?
  12. @Frozen Death Knight Nope - that was the first thing I tried You can of course hit the refine button, which will antialias / soften the edge of the wand selection, but I guess that is too slow, if you are doing it repeatedly?
  13. I am not sure that there is a bug here. How did you close your shape? I have tried every method I know, and so long as I am reasonable careful the shape always closes correctly.
  14. I'm not sure why your shape didn't close, just that this was the source of the issue
  15. This is definitely possible geometrically, but I can't yet figure out how to (accurately) draw it with the tools available in Affinity Designer!
  16. Sadly, there is no easy way to jump to the conflicting shortcut. You simply have to trawl through the list(s) until you find it. I hope that Affinity can add a search to the keyboard shortcut dialog, that works in both directions - for menu actions and keypresses. Plus, a double click (say) on the conflict warning triangle should jump to the conflicting shortcut.
  17. 1. The current Boolean operations in Affinity often create excess nodes, and orphaned / unnecessary pieces, especially where edges are aligned. 2. Affinity can be very slow at Boolean operations. I had one operation this week take more than 6 minutes to compute. And this was just a sample section from a larger graphic. 3. The Pathfinder tool is visual and interactive, so you can preview the result as you use it to define the areas you want to keep / discard.
  18. Aammppaa

    Conference Poster Template for Affinity Photo?

    Hello AffinityNewbie7, I would have thought that Designer or Publisher would be much better tools for this task than Photo. Perhaps you could show us an example of what you hope to produce?
  19. Hi Artmendel and welcome to the forum. Your diamond isn't actually a closed shape. Drag the start node and you will find it moves away leaving a gap. Drag it back over the end node (with the node tool) and the shape should close. Only closed shapes support stroke inside or outside, strokes on open shapes are always centered.
  20. Hi @neococo and welcome to the forum. I have no problem using the Paragraph button in 1.7 on Windows 7. For me the button depresses and rises again, and the paragraph studio panel opens. Does this happen on a new document? Just an empty page with a text box? What happens if you open the panel from View > Studio > Paragraph? Can you attach a file that shows the crash for us to experiment with?
  21. Draw a circle. Change the stroke to Mitre Joint, and set the Mitre value to 1 Apply a Vector Brush stroke. Result: Crash to Desktop. It seems that a basic brush with only opacity doesn't cause the crash, but a textured brush does.
  22. Method 1 Open a file, and make a selection. Selection > Edit Selection as a Layer. Apply any Live Filter. Result: Crash to desktop. Method 2 Open a file, and make a selection. Click the Quick Mask Button. Apply any Live Filter. Result: Crash to desktop. Update… Looks like it is related to this, so perhaps already fixed?
  23. Number only is hard wired to opacity.
  24. Agree that the inconsistency between Mesh nodes and Pen nodes is very irritating!
  25. You have enabled Split View. View > View Mode > Split View Default keypress is "," (a comma), so easy to hit by mistake!