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  1. No, there is no such function in Affinity yet.
  2. I assume you are referring to the 3 concentric circles? If so, these appear (with any tool) when the brush is larger than the area you can see on screen. I guess as a warning that you are going to edit parts of the image that you can't see, which may not be advisable!
  3. Hello anillad, I assume you are referring to large size documents. Designer and Photo both have presets up to A0 (841 × 1189 mm), but you can create custom documents larger than that. The maximum value accepted in the New Document dialogue is just bigger than 26 x 26m.
  4. Status bar shows all the available modifiers, but the context can be very specific. With the corner tool, the modifiers are different depending upon whether you are hovering over a node or not! Affinity has the concept of an Assistant which 'handles' situations like this. Sometimes it does use a small discrete popup in the top right corner to let you know that the software has made a change that you may not be aware of. An example would be when starting to paint with a pixel brush without first creating a pixel layer. The assistant tells you that an empty pixel layer has been created on your behalf. However there are numerous times that the software changes something and doesn't tell you! Or will not permit a certain operation because the wrong type of object is selected, or because there is no object selected. In my opinion the Assistant should have more of there warning popups - but we should also be able to turn them all off, and also turn off warning per situation - for example if I no longer need reminding that Shapes become Curves when adding rounded corners.
  5. Aammppaa

    Selections Persist

    The people out line is telling you that the object is a snapping candidate. You have (accidentally) enabled the option Show Snapping Candidates.
  6. Ctrl + Click on layer thumbnail, creates a pixel selection, only when in Pixel Persona of Designer. Is this what you are doing?
  7. Not from Serif, but confirm that I see the same bug. Also, discovered that I can draw Artboards on an isometric plane?! Can't decide whether this is incredible versatility, or madness?!
  8. Some observations… Ctrl + A doesn't work when using the Corner Tool, because the Ctrl key is a shortcut to temporarily use the Node Tool. Applying curved corners to a Shape automatically converts it (without warning) to a Curve, so you may as well Convert to Curves prior to using the Corner Tool (Ctrl + Return, then Ctrl + A). There may be a simpler workflow than in your video… Why not skip the Vector Crop tool, and simply draw with the Rounded Rectangle tool or Ellipse Tool if you want to crop to a circle? Then nest the raster image inside your shape.
  9. Is there a reason you don't want to use a swatch? You can give colours in a swatch a custom name, and import / export them. If you create an Application Palette rather than a Document Palette is will be available in every document you create. But if you really don't want to use the Swatches panel for some reason, you could use Assets, or simply have a file of coloured rectangles.
  10. Ctrl + click (on Windows) the thumbnail in layers panel, makes a pixel selection.
  11. @Friksel it is worth spending a few minutes to do a search for existing bug reports on the forum. Long standing issues like this have been discussed (many times) before… https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/35329-paste-fx-will-resize-the-effects https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33992-paste-effects-random-values-bug https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/41865-ad-when-pasting-styles-or-effects-effects-always-scale https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/86962-layer-effects-styles-panel ^ Just the first 4 threads that I spotted. Until the bug is fixed, I try to workaround by applying the Layer Effects to a Layer (folder) into which I place all the objects that need the same effect. This has its own issues (moving objects between artboards - since there are no global layers) but can help at times.
  12. Not just Swatches, but also Assets, Symbols, Text Styles, Styles. I hope we get a 1.7.5 type release that concentrates on fixing these long standing UI shortfalls. And also fixes the Boolean and Expand Stroke bugs!
  13. Draw your curve. Click on the final node to remove leading handle. Done. The status bar tells you all the actions / modifiers for the current tool and context.
  14. Something very odd going on here! I get the same bug. Try copy "TEST" and then pasting outside of the table (as Artistic Text). Same result... "TEST" appears, then a number of additional lines judder into existence.
  15. Totally distracted from the question by the fact that the missing letters all have two dashes?! T r _ _ d y T r u u d y? And why does "friends" have an apostrophe? And why doesn't the question end with a question mark?
  16. Tried your test file on Windows. Getting lots of freezes as you describe.
  17. As a workaround you could assign a keyboard shortcut to the swatches panel. Then leave the panel in the middle of your screen. Hit the key to show, select the colour, hit again to hide.
  18. Ctrl + Alt + Left click on the Layer thumbnail in the Layers Panel Is this what you are doing?
  19. Since pixel selections are a feature of Photo (and the Pixel Persona of Designer) I would imagine that it will be possible in the Photo Persona of Publisher. To use this you will need to own both Publisher and Photo. The personas are due to become active when Publisher is launched on 19th June.
  20. Only a tiny snippet at the very bottom of Aligning Objects. https://affinity.help/designer/English.lproj/pages/ObjectControl/align.html Turn the Alignment Handles on and have a play with a few objects selected. Essentially it should be unimportant which order you select the objects, as you can drag the handle for the type of alignment you want to where ever you want the alignment to happen, with all the usual benefits of Affinity's snapping system.
  21. Had a quick glance at the two files. I see no reason why the drop shadow in the Publisher version can't look identical to that from PagePlus. Use the Outer Shadow effect, with low opacity (33%), a small radius (2px), and an offset (8px). There are a number of other differences that would be easy to 'correct'… The line spacing in the Publisher version is very loose compared with that in PagePlus, and the font size is larger. The background is more opaque. Optical Alignment is in the Character studio panel. Try turning it to Manual or Font to see how it improves things.
  22. This was discussed somewhere recently, and was… by design. If I recall the explanation was that the individual buttons are only intended to be basic and quick, rather than offering every alternative. As an alternative, have you tried the new alignment handles? A shame that there is no keyboard or mouse shortcut to enable them, because they are pretty versatile.
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    Hi @colinlister and welcome to the forum. Plenty of friendly, helpful and informed users and Affinity staff here, so I am sure you will receive help sorting the issue. Can you confirm the version of Photo you are using, and also your version of Windows? Have you tried Opening a file again since the freeze? Do you have any files in %APPDATA%\Affinity\Photo\1.0\CrashReports\reports ? To get there, copy the path above. Press Windows key + R, and paste. This should open explorer in the correct location. You may wish to change the title of your post from your name to something more descriptive of the problem, that way people will be able to help more efficiently.