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    Again a bug in Affinity 1.7.0

    Rolling back to previous version...
  2. Did the installer complete successfully? Have you tried restarting the computer? Which OS are you using?
  3. Aammppaa


    I've seen a couple of posts reporting this. You have a baseline manager icon, and no snapping icons. This is a bug. You need to reset the toolbar to default: customize the toolbar and drag the default from the bottom of the dialog over the existing, incorrect toolbar. That should fix it. More discussion here...
  4. Not disputing your observation but I just loaded a small file from 1.6 and resaved from 1.7 and the filesize went down from 15MB to 5MB! So whatever the cause it isn't universal.
  5. Interesting - tiffs do not drag and drop into the Assets panel for me either. Looks like a bug / oversight to me. If I Place the tiff and then Add from Selection in the Assets Panel then it works, but that will only work 1 file at a time. Update: You can actually Place (or drag and drop) a bunch of tiff all at once, then select them all, and Add From Selection. They will be added as individual items.
  6. Yikes! I see the problem!! Affinity doesn't currently have tools to select based on colour (it is a frequently requested feature). So I can't think of a way of achieving this other than manually. Update: Just tried using XOR rather than Divide on your sample section of the illustration, and it seems to work! However, it took ~6 minutes to calculate, so I dread to think how long the whole image would take. The Boolean tools are due a complete rewrite in Affinity, and it has been suggested this is more likely to happen now that Publisher is (almost) out the door.
  7. Aammppaa

    Zoom Resizes Windows

    Can confirm that I see the same juddering, slow resize on Window 7. Windows doesn't have Separate Mode - that is Mac only
  8. @Jowday But you aren't dragging them to the canvas! You are dragging them onto the pasteboard. And since Clip to Canvas is turned on by default, they are not showing. View > View Mode > Clip to Canvas
  9. I confirm that on Windows clicking in the blank area at the bottom of the layers panel does not deselect any selected layers. So this does seem to be a discrepancy (bug?) between Mac and Windows. BTW, I think it is not very helpful to start a new thread which is essentially the same as your original discussion, especially as plenty of other people were already invested in helping you out.
  10. As you say I am using Windows, so thing will be different, but here is what I did…
  11. Hi @plumburum and welcome to the forum. I believe you can use Global Sources, something along the lines of this… Do your frequency separation. Select the high frequency layer. Open the Sources panel View > Studio > Sources. Add a new Global Source (HF layer should appear). Click Toggle Source Preview icon (the eye bottom left of panel) Set source point for your Stamp Tool. Toggle the Preview off again. Ensure that source for the Stamp tool has changed to Global, and do your cloning. This might help too…
  12. OK, well the Multiply blend mode will still work. You should be able to Divide the shapes via Layer > Geometry > Divide or the Divide icon on the main toolbar. This is not available if the selection is a Group. In which case you need to Ungroup. It would be helpful to see what is inside the illustration layer / group. It could be as simple as selecting and deleting a single shape. Can you share the file? If not can you take a screenshot with of the layer panel with the illustration expanded to show its contents?
  13. It looks as if your illustration is a bitmap image, rather than a vector drawing. In which case Divide in Affinity will not work as this is a Boolean operation for vectors. But you can change the blend mode of the black illustration to Multiply in the Layers panel.
  14. You probably want to create a new folder in the assets panel, and give it a name. Then drag and drop your images into it from your file manager. You then use this as your bin, to drop objects into the document. But as I say, I see little advantage over dragging and dropping directly from the file manager, in this particular instance. The assets panel can of course store any type of content, such as vector graphics, groups of adjustments that you commonly use etc.
  15. So far as I am aware there has been no change to the functionality of Text on Path. Here's what I just successfully tried… Create a new document. Draw a path with the Pen tool. Hover over path with the Artistic Text tool - cursor changes to t~ Click to insert cursor, and type. Also worked with a path drawn with the pencil. Are you sure you are using the Artistic Text Tool, not the Frame Text Tool?
  16. Hi @duke_leto and welcome to the forum. This obviously shouldn't be happening, and indeed doesn't happen for me. Can you give any more information? Which OS? WIndows / Mac Does this happen every time you add the Curves adjustment to a particular image? Can you supply an affected image for others to try?
  17. Alternatively use the Vector Crop Tool to drag in the edges as in your InDesign example. There is no default keypress to access the Vector Crop Tool, but you can set one of your own in Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts.
  18. Just tried this (on Windows) and the filler text was saved, but the language was not and defaulted to English US.
  19. Aammppaa

    Allerts about shortcuts?

    Something wrong with your installation?
  20. There are many default keyboard shortcuts for zooming. Here are a few I use… Ctrl + 1 (2, 3, 4) <- 100%, 200%, 400% and 800% respectively. Ctrl + 0 <- Zoom to fit (shows the whole page / artboard) Alt + Shift + 0 <- Zoom to width (of page / artboard) Ctrl + Alt + 0 <- Zoom to selection (though this only zooms to the selected object, not selected letters / nodes) You can of course customise them (Preferences > Keyboard Shortcuts > View). Also consider using the mouse wheel to zoom - very quick.
  21. Aammppaa

    Allerts about shortcuts?

    Hmm... Just tried it in all 3 apps (Designer / Photo 1.7 retail, Publisher 1.7 beta) and I get the triangle in all of them.
  22. Aammppaa

    Allerts about shortcuts?

    @Petar Petrenko Are you saying that you do not see the warning triangle for shortcuts that you have set, but that you are seeing them for clashes with a default shortcut? Because you should be seeing them for every conflict of shortcuts, regardless of where the definition came from.
  23. You could use the Assets panel for this, but I would tend to use a file manager (showing thumbnails, on my half of my second screen, perhaps pinned on top). Then you can simply drag and drop onto the page, or directly into a picture frame. If you use a picture frame then you can just drag a replacement onto the original.
  24. Aammppaa

    Crash by creating patterns.

    Hello @David2019 and welcome to the forum. Unfortunately no one will be able to help you unless you give more details about what you are trying to do, and how you are trying to do it! What sort of pattern? Using which tools? Can you attach a file that shows the problem? A screenshot? Detailed instructions about how to recreate the crash? Then I am sure people will help
  25. Hi @Noah2, and welcome to the forum. I assume that you are talking about clicking with the Zoom tool. I have no problem in 1.7 on Window 7. Does the mouse pointer change to show a minus when you hold the Alt key? Is it possible that you are actually dragging ever so slightly rather than clicking? If I do that then the zoom action fails. I don't know whether this is a bug / new behaviour in 1.7 vs 1.6 as I personally never use the zoom tool, instead preferring the mouse wheel. Regarding the Paint tool not working, can you give some more details please? What are you trying to do? Can you show us a video / GIF?