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  1. Have you updated to the latest version of Designer ( Have you run the Designer, opened a file, and exited at least once? Try deleting the .appinfo files from C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\appinfo\Release
  2. You need to log in to the Affinity Store. https://store.serif.com/sign-in/ Then top right there is an icon of a person's head & shoulders - click it. From there you will see Downloads & product keys.
  3. Affinity doesn't offer phone, chat or email support. Thankfully the forum is full of informed helpful users and staff, so assistance is usually pretty swift. Things that usually help when installation fails… 1. Simply trying again! I find that a second (or rarely a third) attempt succeeds. Why? No idea! 2. Restarting the machine and then trying again. Even more likely to succeed than approach (1). 3. Uninstalling and then reinstalling. I've never needed to resort to this, and I've installed every version of the Affinity apps that has been publicly released! But others say that they have had success with this approach. You could also look at the install logs to see why it failed… Press Win+R to open run dialog. Type or paste %temp%/AffinitySetup/ Look for most recent folder (it will have a random name) Open SetupUI.log Press Ctrl+f and search for "error"
  4. Welcome (back) to the forum, Serif have said multi-page spreads are definitely planned, but also said they would not be included at launch. They were true to their word! Yes setting up guides is a little more laborious, but only has to be done once for a given size of brochure
  5. Did you try deleting the .appinfo files in C:\ProgramData\Affinity\Common\1.0\appinfo\Release as described in the post linked above?
  6. Make sure you have opened and closed a document in both Photo and Designer - that has helped some people. Other solutions near the bottom of this thread…
  7. Aammppaa

    Bug? in Personas

    You will only see that if your object is an embedded or linked Affinity Document. Not if it is any other type of object - say a JPEG. As with any linked or embedded document you do have to open it before you can work on it. Clicking "Edit Document" essentially opens it as a new file within Publisher. At that point you can switch Personas to work on the file directly within Publisher using Designer or Photo tools. But instead of Placing the Affinity file into Publisher, try simply opening it directly File > Open… > Choose a Designer / Photo file. You can then use all of Publishers tool, and seamlessly switch personas to use Designer or Photo. I guess that you could expect that a linked Affinity file would open in the same Persona as the one you were in when you clicked "Edit Document".
  8. Aammppaa

    Bug? in Personas

    But that is where I am struggling… I do not see Edit Document anywhere!
  9. Aammppaa

    Bug? in Personas

    Sorry, still confused. Can you post a screenshot? You have a document loaded, and switch to another persona (say Designer). The workspace changes. You select an object and see "Edit document" on the context toolbar?!
  10. Aammppaa

    Bug? in Personas

    Click "Edit Document" where?
  11. 1. Create a table. 2. Click to display the Row / Column widget. 3. Start typing. Result: The widget is not focused so text appears in the first cell rather than in the widget. 4. Hit Escape twice. Result: The table is deselected, but the widget remains. 5. Click in the widget and enter a number. [Not shown in GIF] Result: Numbers can be entered, but delete key and return key are not functional. -- 1. Drag to create a new table, snapping to the margins of the page. 2. Click to display the Row / Column widget. 3. Click in the widget and enter a small number (say 5). 4. Undo (with Ctrl+z or Edit > Undo) Result: The table disappears, rather than reverting to its original size. Also the widget remains visible despite there being no table, and the snapping guides reappear from the original snapping operation.
  12. I do agree that it feels odd, but I am not sure what behaviour I would prefer (assuming that Serif are trying to make it all achievable on canvas with the mouse).
  13. Tend to agree, but am no expert so hope others with more experience will weigh in.
  14. Not sure that this is the best solution, but you can Edit Wrap Outline on your middle Text Frame, such that the top repels text, but the bottom doesn't. Edit Wrap Outline in on the toolbar next to Show Text Wrap Settings, or Text > Text Wrap > Edit Wrap Outline. See attached for an example… Affinity Edit Wrap Outline Example.afpub
  15. The new "hover to copy nodes" function doesn't work for me in 1.7.1 I did use it successfully in 1.7.0 Can anyone confirm? UPDATE: Now working, but there was definitely something odd going on! I tried creating a new document, and function was still broken. Close Designer and ran it again, still broken. Turned off snapping, and it worked! Turned on snapping, and it still works.
  16. Adjust the Baseline of the bottom text in the context toolbar.
  17. Aammppaa

    Pages in Affinity Designer?

    I would like all the features of a Ferrari, but am only interested in buying a Renault, so if Renault could just add all those features that would be great.
  18. You have to click Inv(erse) and then inverse tan becomes available. You might like to try Meazure on PC. Not so pretty looking but lots of functions, including protractor.
  19. Try thinking about the Table Tool the other way around. If you want a table that is 2 columns and 10 rows, then drag out a table that is 2 columns and 10 rows. Then if you need that table to be 80mm by 120mm, resize it as you would any other object in Affinity (dragging with snapping, or typing into the transform panel).
  20. As title. Trying to set Alt + Backspace (or any combination with Backspace) as a keyboard shortcut doesn't work.
  21. There will almost certainly be new betas, perhaps quite quickly to fix any urgent bugs - this is exactly what happened with Designer / Photo going from 1.7 to 1.7.1 in time for the Publisher release. So if you want to continue testing beta versions, they will install over old Betas and along side the release version. But it would do no harm to uninstall the beta either!
  22. Affinity Designer is missing a function to do this. Compare with Xara Designer which will tell you the angle and length of a line segment…
  23. Additionally: triple clicking (to select all) in the mutant grown cell and hitting delete freezes Publisher. Has to be killed from Task Manager.
  24. This is not normal behaviour for Publisher! I have experimented in Publisher for hours moving between apps, copy pasting and frankly trying to break the program! Generally it is very robust and stable. I certainly do not get the freezing that you describe. Can you attach the document that is causing problems? Is there a simple recipe that I can try to follow which causes freezing on your machine? Have you tried a factory reset (hold ctrl when you launch the program)? Or a reinstall?