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  1. This is already possible. Click the (3x3) Anchor Point Selector a second time, and the Transform Center is selected and show. One of Affinity's little hidden Easter eggs.
  2. Not yet. It is on the Roadmap for Designer, so is due as part of the 1.x cycle (for free before v2.0).
  3. Indeed - I will be trying it on my own personal machine, for my use only. Simply to keep things in sync between Beta, Retail, and Publisher Personas. And I fully expect to break something at some point! Which will be entirely my own fault!!!
  4. I was intending to try this today, glad to hear it works!
  5. Aammppaa

    Master Page Replacement

    On Windows the behaviour is precisely the opposite of what you describe… If I drag a Master onto a Page in the Pages panel, any existing Master is replaced by the new one. If I hold the Ctrl key as I drag the new Master is added to the existing Master. The mouse pointer changes to reflect this difference (an arrow in the first instance, and a plus in the second). Very odd if it is different on Mac.
  6. Hold Alt, now each time you click it selects the next object behind the selected one. Alternatively select in the Layers panel.
  7. Overflowing text can be hidden in Publisher, but not Designer. You are correct that the reflowing is inconsistent… but that is the way it is!
  8. Yes. The Table Formats panel and associated editor is what you need. I wouldn't say it was easy (though it is not hard either), and it is odd that there are no example styles. The help file is a good place to start… Help > Tables > Creating Custom Tables The only tutorial I could find is in German…
  9. Glad you got it sorted. Your help must be different to mine…
  10. This bug goes back a couple of months…
  11. I have Photo on my Windows 7 machine, and can happily resize studio panels on my second monitor. Is there any panel in particular? Or all of them? I guess it could be a Windows 10 bug.?
  12. According to Google… There is a hidden folder in Program Files, called WindowsApps. https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=where does windows store install applications
  13. @gascoyneone I don't use Macs so I don't really know how to advise you. I guess the good news is that you can see the files, even if you can't access them. A quick Google search for "OS X el capitan files greyed out" suggests that this is a known issue with OS X, and that fixing the file date is often the key to resolving the issue. Hopefully some of the forum regulars are proficient Mac users!? @Lolddyn Installing an Affinity app can't have deleted your existing files from My Documents. The installer simply doesn't do that! Search your whole computer (not just My Documents) for .afdesign, .afphoto, .afpub files depending upon which apps you were using. Check the recycle bin. Do you have any sort of backup software running? If so, restore the files from there.
  14. Yep - having to rejig the workspace is a bit of a pain. Really hope this gets improved in the future.
  15. There are additional snapping options on the context toolbar of the node tool and pen tool. This includes snapping handles. They will snap according to the same rules as nodes / shapes.
  16. Aammppaa

    Use AD Beta wth AP Release

    Not possible. Beta and retail releases don't mix.
  17. There is no current beta version. All betas have been superseded by the retail releases of 1.7.1 I would anticipate that any future betas will include StudioLink functionality.
  18. Hello and welcome to the forum I assume you are talking about Affinity Publisher (but you do not say). Did you try searching for Drop Caps in the help file? There is a full page of instructions and example. In short: look for drop caps in the Paragraph panel.
  19. Aammppaa

    Dynamic guides disappear

    Hello Ana-Irina, and welcome to the forum. I am not aware of any issue with the snapping options. Could you post a screenshot of your snapping panel so we can see what options should be active? Also are you aware that there are additional snapping options on the context toolbar of the Node and Pen tools?
  20. The Swatches panel has a search box at the bottom - type the number you are looking for, and make sure you are in the correct swatch (coated / uncoated etc).
  21. There should be no reason why you can't load a file from the beta into the retail version. Could you both give more information, then we can try to help… Which OS version? Windows / Mac What type of file? How are you trying to open the file? File > Open / double click / place? What actually happens? Error message / Nothing / Crash / Freeze? Can you start a new file in Publisher? Can you attach the file for others to look at?
  22. Sorry to dodge the question, but from a game design perspective I have to say that shattering the text on a card is a really bad idea! No matter how thematic you think it might be, a major goal of a game designer must be to make the game as easy to interpret as possible. -- To create broken glass my approach would probably be to start with a photo of broken glass. I might then simplify it , either with filters in Photo to reduce the complexity, number of colours, mask out small details etc. Or I would trace the major shapes in Designer and experiment with effects as you have done. but the key will be to look at real glass as a reference. Reflections will be hugely important - so you must have something to reflect rather than an abstract white glow. In your image you have lightning and strong colours that would reflect in a dazzling way from the sharp edges of broken glass. It would also not be uniform.
  23. Aammppaa

    Bug? in Personas

    There are many people all talking about subtly different issues in this one thread. If the object is a simple object such as a linked JPG / PNG / TIFF then you can simply select it and work on it directly in which ever persona you require. However if the object is an Affinity file, then this is a complex object. It is a container or box that can hold many other objects, adjustments, masks, even other Affinity files! To edit this you must first open the box. This is entirely consistent with how Affinity has handled linked / embedded object from the very beginning.
  24. Aammppaa

    Bug? in Personas

    Then don't click that button! Edit Image is specifically saying that you want to edit the underlying file, the original image in isolation. If you want to work on the image, with Photo tools: select the image and click the Photo Persona! If I want to edit an image in Photo I don't need to click Edit Image, I just edit the image! The same is true here.