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  1. @Algoz s.auler is merely suggesting that the ability to specify a location for shared assets would be a useful addition to the program. This is not currently a feature of the Affinity software.
  2. Publisher allows the colour of a text frame to be edited. Designer can currently create a text frame (or more precisely a Shape Text) with a background colour, but not edit the colour of a frame. There has been a feature request to add this functionality to Designer, as it is a little odd to be able to create something, but not edit it!
  3. @Old Bruce Snap to grid alone will not limit nodes only to the grid, it just adds the grid as a potential snapping candidate. If you are too far from a grid node then it will not snap. You must also increase the screen tolerance as described above if you only want to be able to click on grid nodes.
  4. In the Snapping drop-down panel change the screen tolerance. Bear in mind that this is measured in screen pixels. So if your grid is set to 10px, but you are zoomed at 300% (3x 100%) the screen tolerance would need to be 30px (3x 10px) to ensure it snapped to the grid only.
  5. I believe that Guides are local to an artboard by design, in the same way that Grids are local to an artboard. To work around this try one of the following… Don't use a guide. Instead draw a straight line with the pen tool across all the artboards. Ensure that you have appropriate snapping options set. Don't forget to turn off your drawn guides before exporting / printing! Set up the guides on one artboard, and then duplicate that artboard as required. Guides will also be copied, but any modifications will only apply to one artboard at a time. Don't worry about guides at all, just rely on Affinity's excellent snapping, which works seamlessly across artboards.
  6. Hi Traveller, welcome to the forum. You can… Hold Shift while dragging the wheel for single degree adjustments. Use the mouse wheel to scroll up and down through values. Click on the number and type the value you require. Hope this helps.
  7. There have been many requests to improve isolate mode. Hopefully it will happen one day.
  8. It is a feature. You have accidentally turned on Show Snapping Candidates. It is telling you which objects will be considered for snapping purposes.
  9. It is possible… but there is no layer effect, or tool that will automate the process for you! Draw the long shadow yourself by duplicating and distorting the text, then drawing lines to join the copies together. You can use symbols to create a fairly nice effect, and since it remains editable it can be saved and reused, meaning you only have to do the work once. It would be a variant on this…
  10. This is related to the Path Finder type of tool, which is requested every other day!
  11. On my machine (Windows 7) the button is "More…" rather than simply "…" It is greyed out / unavailable until I select Bullet from the "Type" drop-down. Then it turns white, and when clicked will lets me select other, less common glyphs from a font.
  12. At present tables are limited to a single page. Multipage / linked tables will come in a future update. The roadmap for Publisher is due after the official launch on 19th June.
  13. No solution to offer, but I am astounded if the best way to create a slider in an app is to export 128 different graphics! Surely you only need two: empty and full. Then use code to crossfade between the two at the appropriate point? For a simple slider (essentially a coloured rectangle) why use an image at all? A few lines of javascript and css should surely do it?
  14. No. The picture frame will scale about the center (like any other object) by holding Command / Ctrl. But as the Tupaia says, the content will not scale about the transform center, when using the scale slider widget.
  15. Wow - this now works! From memory and according to previous discussions it used not to make any difference. So long as you remember to turn on Scale with Object at the time of creating the Style it will indeed apply without rescaling. However… this is pretty counter intuitive - I have to turn on scaling in order to prevent scaling?! the option is off by default so most users will make the mistake. the option can't be enabled in the style after creation, as there is no way to edit a style. the option can't be enabled on the target objects, as that will only scale on subsequent transforms.
  16. This is a bug (or unfortunate design choice?) that exists in all Affinity apps. It has been discussed before, but in brief… When you draw an object, it has a creation size. If you then resize an object a transform is added, but the creation size remains unchanged. Layer effects are scaled by a ratio of creation size to current size. So even though two objects look the same, they are only truly the same if they were created at exactly the same size, and scaled in the same way! Try the following… Turn on the grid and snap to grid. Draw a unit square. Apply your effects (drop shadow) Create a style. Draw three more squares… 1st square exactly the same size as the first. 2nd square twice the size of the first, and then reduced. 3rd square half the size of the first, and then doubled. Apply your style to all the new squares. Result: 1st is identical to original, 2nd is half the size, 3rd is twice the size. Some earlier discussions (there are many others!) https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/35329-paste-fx-will-resize-the-effectshttps://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/33992-paste-effects-random-values-bughttps://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/41865-ad-when-pasting-styles-or-effects-effects-always-scalehttps://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/86962-layer-effects-styles-panel
  17. Sorry I didn't answer your actual question! I was a bit sleepy Different brushes will indeed change the look of the smudge tool - can achieve some interesting effects. Glad you got it sorted.
  18. No, there is no such function in Affinity yet.
  19. I assume you are referring to the 3 concentric circles? If so, these appear (with any tool) when the brush is larger than the area you can see on screen. I guess as a warning that you are going to edit parts of the image that you can't see, which may not be advisable!
  20. Hello anillad, I assume you are referring to large size documents. Designer and Photo both have presets up to A0 (841 × 1189 mm), but you can create custom documents larger than that. The maximum value accepted in the New Document dialogue is just bigger than 26 x 26m.
  21. Status bar shows all the available modifiers, but the context can be very specific. With the corner tool, the modifiers are different depending upon whether you are hovering over a node or not! Affinity has the concept of an Assistant which 'handles' situations like this. Sometimes it does use a small discrete popup in the top right corner to let you know that the software has made a change that you may not be aware of. An example would be when starting to paint with a pixel brush without first creating a pixel layer. The assistant tells you that an empty pixel layer has been created on your behalf. However there are numerous times that the software changes something and doesn't tell you! Or will not permit a certain operation because the wrong type of object is selected, or because there is no object selected. In my opinion the Assistant should have more of there warning popups - but we should also be able to turn them all off, and also turn off warning per situation - for example if I no longer need reminding that Shapes become Curves when adding rounded corners.
  22. Aammppaa

    Selections Persist

    The people out line is telling you that the object is a snapping candidate. You have (accidentally) enabled the option Show Snapping Candidates.
  23. Ctrl + Click on layer thumbnail, creates a pixel selection, only when in Pixel Persona of Designer. Is this what you are doing?
  24. Not from Serif, but confirm that I see the same bug. Also, discovered that I can draw Artboards on an isometric plane?! Can't decide whether this is incredible versatility, or madness?!