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  1. Power Duplicate will create a grid of anything very quickly. Or use the Guides Manager to set Column (and Row) guides for easy snapping.
  2. From previous conversations with Ben, who developed the feature, I can say that it is not possible. Affinity is not a 3d program, and has no understanding of the objects created on the isometric grid. It merely applies the distortion when the fit to plane button is clicked, and assumes that the user knows what they are doing. I asked whether Affinity could record which plane shapes were on, so that changes could be made, but it was pointed out that a single shape may be drawn so that it lies on two or more planes. So what is recorded in those cases?
  3. Just tried this and do not experience any bug - black paint stays black. Perhaps some setting of your brush or eraser? Can you post… a file (with saved history) screen capture video / GIF of the problem occurring screenshots of tool setting that might help reproduce what you are seeing?
  4. Aammppaa

    Lille - Tramway and Métro Transit Map

    I don't know why I enjoy these as much as I do! Why did you start doing this? How many have you done? How long does a map like this take? What are the different stages? I guess there is some research and planning before you even hit Affinity Designer? What tools in Affinity make this easy / difficult? Do you work on a grid? Is it square or do you need custom angles? What do you do with the finished maps? Nothing / Print them (really big?) / Send them to the appropriate authority? Feel free to answer all / some / none of the above
  5. I asked for this 3 years ago… Still hoping it happens.
  6. Fire is generally bright - often very bright! Your fire falls in the mid range of values in your image. Fire is also a light source, so to paint it realistically you need to light everything that the fire would illuminate, and cast shadows across the object too. Fire is also translucent, as is smoke. Painting realistic fire is very hard! Painting realistic fire into a daylight photo of a complex subject like a deer is very very hard! -- Also watch some tutorials…
  7. The offer was to all beta testers, so I suspect that the change of email is to blame.
  8. I can think of 3 other ways, but they are all work-arounds which are a bit clunky… 1. Expand stroke, Boolean add to merge the 3 pieces, then use any method of obtaining transparency. No longer a path with a stroke, but a shape, so much harder to edit. 2. Add a curves adjustment and set the max value of the alpha channel to 50% 3. Use a pixel mask filled with 50% Grey Personally I'd use Alfred's method and just group the line!
  9. Use the pen tool. @IsabelAracama has a nice tutorial video here…
  10. Or apply a linear gradient with both ends set to the same value.
  11. Hold middle mouse button? <- Requires you to have a middle mouse button.
  12. I am unable to add additional strokes or fills to text. Indeed the regular single stroke and fill do not show in the Appearance Panel for text. I believe that I was able to do this during the Beta?
  13. This does seem to be an oversight for the sample projects of a DTP application!
  14. Aammppaa

    "Modified" indicator not visible

    It isn't a bug, as everything is working as the system is designed to work. But I think it is a reasonable feature request.
  15. Aammppaa

    Line length

    Hmm... fde101 don't think you are correct about this. Usually you can use the width value in the Transform panel to set the length of a horizontal line (or height for vertical). But there is no way to easily set the length of a diagonal line. So in isometric mode this doesn't really work either since 2 planes are generally on the diagonal.
  16. 2. Use an Artboard. Select the Artboard, and drag it bigger. Or in the Transform panel type 2080 in the height box. Or type h+1000 and let Affinity do the maths for you.
  17. I believe that the static / sliding panels are retrieved from the web at runtime, and there was a period yesterday when I saw just the black pane with the Affinity logo. I think this was because the discount offers had been withdrawn, and not yet replaced. Today I see a static get your 5 free fonts panel.
  18. So far as I am aware you still need to use one of the workarounds suggested above.
  19. This is already possible. Click the (3x3) Anchor Point Selector a second time, and the Transform Center is selected and show. One of Affinity's little hidden Easter eggs.
  20. Not yet. It is on the Roadmap for Designer, so is due as part of the 1.x cycle (for free before v2.0).
  21. Indeed - I will be trying it on my own personal machine, for my use only. Simply to keep things in sync between Beta, Retail, and Publisher Personas. And I fully expect to break something at some point! Which will be entirely my own fault!!!
  22. I was intending to try this today, glad to hear it works!
  23. Aammppaa

    Master Page Replacement

    On Windows the behaviour is precisely the opposite of what you describe… If I drag a Master onto a Page in the Pages panel, any existing Master is replaced by the new one. If I hold the Ctrl key as I drag the new Master is added to the existing Master. The mouse pointer changes to reflect this difference (an arrow in the first instance, and a plus in the second). Very odd if it is different on Mac.
  24. Hold Alt, now each time you click it selects the next object behind the selected one. Alternatively select in the Layers panel.