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  1. Thank you for your feedback, Dan C. Looking forward to testing. Curious what's new! Best regards, Bernd
  2. It does work with CMD+J on Mac. But make sure not to unselect/reselect the copy you just created and rotated. Do it immediately after rotating, with the object still selected.
  3. Hi! Alt-Clicking a masked layer displays non-existing edges. Normal click does not. Clicking sequence in the video: alt, no alt, alt, no alt. I kept the the image simple, just to show the edges. Workaround welcome, fix preferred, personal error possible. Best regards, Bernd AP_AltClickMaskedLayer.mov
  4. Hi! I'm afraid that I've given a poor example using 'Frequency Separation'. It's better to use Gaussian blur. Compare '100' (max) for the standalone filter with '100' (of '1024') for the macro dialog and compare both. They are the same. Now for the blur, try to vary the radius between .5 and 5. It works fine in the standalone filter dialog. But try the same in the macro dialog, when the range is 0 ... 1024. Additionally, there seems do be a difference in the (non-)linearity of the slider behavior. The behavior of the standalone tool slider is much better to use. Best regards, Bernd
  5. Hi Callum, It's pretty easy to understand if you give it a try. 1) Standalone high pass filter Adjust the range using the slider in the dialog. It ranges from 0 ... 100. Works just fine. 2) Macro dialog Create a macro containing the high pass filter. Make the high pass filter interactive to pop up the dialog. The slider range now is 0 ... 1024. The left part of the slider range, 0 ... 100 does the same as in the standalone dialog. The rest, 101 ... 1024, is useless. And with less than 10% of the slider range, an accurate setting of the filter radius is impossible. The same for Gaussian blur. Screen recording attached. Best regards, Bernd sliders_standalone_vs_macro_dialog.mov
  6. Hi! I found unusable slider ranges in macro dialogs. I've got frequency separation and Gaussian blur as (combined) interactive steps in one macro. The sliders in the dialog box are barely usable. I usually need to vary the values between 0 and 20, which is only a tiny bit of range at the left edge. A slider movement of 1 screen pixel causes a change of about '6 px' in the radius, but high accuracy (in a .x pixel range) is mandatory. The range of the high pass radius is 0 ... 100 px standalone, but 0 ... 1024 px in the macro dialog, the range of the Gaussian blur radius is 0 ... 100 px standalone, but 0 ... 1024 px in the macro dialog. With identical range and behavior for standalone and macro dialog use, everything would be fine. Workaround welcome, fix preferred, personal error possible. Best regards, Bernd
  7. Thanks, owenr. I didn't find a thread or post about it when searching. So I end up finding an older bug. But I never needed the undo after resizing before. Hi MEB, Good that you were able to reproduce it. While I do see it on 3 different runs, I wasn't sure. Thank you for your support here in the forum.
  8. No, zooming doesn't fix it. I now have an image where the mask is destroyed and I cannot recover it, even with toggling back and forth. I'm stuck with 1/4 of the original mask (the half/half part) resized to the full original image size.
  9. Ah, OK. Now I get it. Confusing, but logical, now that I know why. Thanks a lot!
  10. Hi, I've got an image with background and some layers, one with a layer mask, mask selected for editing. When I resize the document to half/half size, fine. But when I now undo, I sometimes get a correct undo, sometimes the original size in a half/half image. It also happens when toggling back and forth, see video. Something isn't always undone correctly. undo-redo.mov
  11. Not sure if I understand... The objects are all background size, and the background covers the whole icon. If they are shown as isolated objects, why do they only cover a quarter of the layer icon? Why do the four identical objects only cover the opposite corner of the icon? Any why does the coverage in the icon decrease when I move it further out of the canvas?
  12. Hi, I'm a bit confused by the layer icons. Starting with a simple, square jpeg image, I copy/pasted the background 4 times. Then I moved each copy to a different quadrant. The layer icon shows the bottom right one at the top left, the bottom left one on the top right, and so on. So I have to select the opposite of what I see. Bug, feature or misunderstanding?
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