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  1. I have an EXTREMELY red face! Somehow or other the Subtract button was on. I don't understand what I was doing, but I did it. Thanks for your help and patience!
  2. I have Affinity Photo In the Photo Persona the Selection Brush tool seems very sluggish but, worst of all, it will stop working. If I close and re-open the program it doesn't help. Once it has stopped it won't work again until I restart the machine. On earlier versions it worked fine. I've tried it with different images and/or different amounts of layers and nothing helps. Maybe someone else has mentioned this but if so I didn't see it. Sorry!
  3. First of all I really like Affinity Photo! Great job to everyone involved! I have two feature requests: 1. I would like to see at least 3 Color Samplers like Photoshop. 2. I would like a way to hide the selection border (marching ants) like Photoshop. Thanks!
  4. I have Affinity Photo 1.5.0 installed. When I try to install 1.5.1 I am asked for my email address and product key. I have tried typing it carefully and carefully checking my accuracy. I have tried using Affinity's copy button in the product key and download section and pasting. I have tried clicking the "next" button to skip answering the request. I always get the message that the email or product key in incorrect.
  5. I am back to square one again! The selection brush tool which came back to life yesterday has reverted to its previous state. It does not create a new selection or add to an existing selection made by other tools. I have again uninstalled and reinstalled and rebooted to no avail. I have followed all previous suggestions offered on this forum to no avail. Version 1.5.1 still rejects my email address and product key EVEN THOUGH the same info works on my previous version 1.5.0. I have run out of ideas.
  6. The Selection Brush is now working properly. I un-installed and re-installed the older version then re-booted the machine and now everything works -- everything except the new version still rejects my email and product key whether I type it or copy it. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks for the suggestions. I appreciate it.
  7. All selection tools work EXCEPT the selection brush. Once I make a selection I can cut/copy/paste or otherwise alter the selection. I just downloaded 1.5.1 and had high hopes for a fix to these problems. I can't install it because it rejects my email and the product key even though I have both typed them correctly and used the clipboard.
  8. I have had several beta versions and the Selection Brush tool always worked fine in those versions. I just bought Photo and the Selection Brush will subtract from selections made with other tools, but it will not add or start a new selection when dragged. I have re-started Photo many times and watched the tutorials again and I cannot get it to work in this version. Has anyone else reported this or am I doing something silly? Windows 10 8 gig RAM 2 SSD
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