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  1. nathandh

    2 bugs: crop marks & option key

    Good idea, thank you! Changed.
  2. nathandh

    2 bugs: crop marks & option key

    Hi Mike, Attached is the documentation for a pretty standard ad I make for clients. How would you set up a file with bleed like this in Designer? Thank you! Event Submission Guidelines1_8_15.pdf
  3. nathandh

    2 bugs: crop marks & option key

    OK thank you! I'll try your suggestion and if I still can't figure it out, will upload here. I appreciate your willingness to assist!
  4. nathandh

    2 bugs: crop marks & option key

    This part I understand, and have implemented it already (see attached). The problem is that my document includes full width bleed -- here with the blue color going edge to edge. However, when I include crop marks and bleed, where the bleed is 0" on all sides, the result is crop marks at *exactly* the dimensions of the piece. That's not helpful, because the bleed (in this case blue color background) is supposed to extend *past* the crop marks, so that there's extra room for the printer to cut. But Designer doesn't do this. If I add size to the bleed, then the crop marks are *outside* the dimensions of the piece, even further from the color, such that there would be a white border. I have to manually go in to the exported PDF and re-size the blue background so that it extends past the crop marks, which is what Designer is supposed to do automatically (that's the entire point). I'm sure I'm misunderstanding something. One way around it potentially is to create a document size *larger* than the final size, and put the blue background edge to edge, such that there is trim space around it. But the same problem happens with the crop marks. Designer does not let me do a negative bleed, which would work in that case because the crop marks would be *inside* the color at the final dimension of the piece. How do I accomplish this? Thanks in advance!
  5. nathandh

    2 bugs: crop marks & option key

    Thank you for the reply! How / where do I set the trim marks such that the printer knows to cut off the bleed down to the correct final dimensions?
  6. nathandh

    2 bugs: crop marks & option key

    Thank you both! OK... it's possible I misunderstand bleed, then. But where do I find the setting for trim marks? I want to generate a file with *crop* marks that show the printer where to cut the document so that a) it removes the color bleed past the edge and b) is reduced to the correct size. How do I do that in Designer? Re: Photoshop... that drives me nuts there, too. Adobe are terrible at respecting native default system shortcuts! Have to re-map a ton out of the box to make it usable. Is there a way to change or re-map it? That shortcut is hardwired into my brain after 20+ years of using Mac OS...
  7. Hello, I've been using Designer for some time now and love it. But there are 2 bugs that persist on the Mac version that drive me nuts! 1. Crop marks don't work When these are set in the document settings, they don't generate in the right place for the bleed. That is, if I create a document that's 8.5" x 11.5", with a .5" bleed, then I would expect the crop marks to appear in the final PDF at 8" x 11" for the printer. But instead they're just added *outside* the bleed, or at the edge of the bleed, which isn't right. 2. Option key doesn't advance the cursor word by word On Mac, the default keyboard behavior for text editing and selection is for the option key -- in conjunction with the left/right arrows -- to move the cursor to the beginning or end of an individual word, respectively. The command key by contrast moves the cursor to the beginning or ending of the line. This works in every single app and the OS in general but not in Designer. Instead, option + arrow does nothing, while command + arrow moves to the beginning or end of the word (which is what option is supposed to do). Any chance these will be fixed in an upcoming release? The crop marks in particular are a huge pain! Thanks...
  8. Is there really no way to select it? I'm with @ccrhis -- it's sort of impossible to "scan" a list of hundreds or thousands of layers to find the single one I want to select / unlock.
  9. Once a layer is locked, is there a way to select it? This would be useful if I want to a) unlock it, or b) want to right-click it so that I can find the layer in the layer list. How else would you find it if you have hundreds (or thousands) of layers? In Sketch, if you right click a layer, you can still select it even if it's locked by right-clicking (see attachment). Anything like that in Designer?

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