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  1. Already done here: Just go there and help pushing it up by commenting it.
  2. It's fixed on beta
  3. Same behavior here. Move the Low and it shows everything.
  4. I've noticed an issue with the Frequency separation filter. When applying the blur, it is limited to the bounding box of the pixel layer and not to the canvas. This does not happen when using gaussian blur. See attached video for detail FS.mp4
  5. I don't understand how you can use a Live filter with Frequency Separation. Can you let me know? Thank you
  6. What do you mean "from finder" ?
  7. When using the frequency separation dialogue, it would be great to be able to chose the type of blur to apply: Gaussian, Median or Bilateral, since each as a different effect on the edges. Thank you
  8. I don't think it disappears, it's just out of the canvas space. Try Clip Canvas to see if it shows up. So it seems to be an issue with dragging the assets to the panel.
  9. Hello I cannot create assets on Beta version Can someone please check if it's an issue with the beta version or I might be missing something? If I create a simple shape and drag it to the assets panel, nothing happens. Thank you
  10. It's a video showing how to do the Channels part of the instructions, as requested by Lance_G
  11. Here you go I see an issue with changing to LAB. It also changes the color profile of the image. I haven't tested the LAB solution so I don't know if it gives you better results that the traditional one. Affinity forum.mov

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