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  1. Already done here: Just go there and help pushing it up by commenting it.
  2. MartinsRibeiro - Inpaint brush tool not working ?

    Thank you Carl123. That was an obvious one. I guess it's just to early for me to work without coffee
  3. Hello On the latest beta version ( I'm having trouble to work with the inpaint brush tool. It simply doesn't work. But if I make a selection and go to the menu EDIT / INPAINT, it works. Anyone has the same issue? 1-7-0-130-Inpaint problem.mp4
  4. It's fixed on beta
  5. The video has compressed codec H245. Can that be the issue? To me it works perfectly. I'll upload to dropbox the original and a converted version.
  6. Here it is 935873460_Bugliquify.mp4.7ce2ff6114c124fbc1094513785a9b53.mp4
  7. Same behavior here. Move the Low and it shows everything.
  8. I've noticed an issue with the Frequency separation filter. When applying the blur, it is limited to the bounding box of the pixel layer and not to the canvas. This does not happen when using gaussian blur. See attached video for detail FS.mp4
  9. I don't understand how you can use a Live filter with Frequency Separation. Can you let me know? Thank you
  10. What do you mean "from finder" ?
  11. When using the frequency separation dialogue, it would be great to be able to chose the type of blur to apply: Gaussian, Median or Bilateral, since each as a different effect on the edges. Thank you
  12. When I try to batch process using the parallel processing capability, some of the files are not processed. The missing files are not always the same. This happens when processing to JPG or PNG. No issues when exporting to TIFF, EXR or when NOT using parallel processing To recreate the problem: 1-Create 1 aphoto file with something and save it in a folder 2-Copy and past that file several times (I created 272 copies) and rename them for easy reference (example A-1, A-2, ...) 3-Batch process all the files to JPG or PNG with Parallel processing ON and to a different folder for easy reference 4-Check the total files processed and compare to the original files For convenience, I'm attaching the test files test files.zip
  13. I've noticed a problem when using the liquify tool on images with transparent background (video attached) To recreate the problem: 1 - Create a new image with transparent canvas 2- Draw something on a new layer 3-Liquify it, making sure the visible grid during liquify is smaller that the canvas size 4-Clip canvas Bug liquify.mp4