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  1. Hi I am experiencing ghosting of graphics when using affinity designer latest update version and nvidia quadro k4200 graphics - using latest drivers. video can be viewed here:
  2. Hi I am suggesting a new feature for Affinity Publisher. This new feature would allow designers and content editors to work on a single file size (for example A4) an have the ability to then export to smaller/wider/narrower display using responsive layouts for multiple devices. The proposed feature eliminates the need to specify the output at the start of the project especially when changing from A4 to iPad 9 inch or some other format. what do you think? has anyone found a better way to export one file to multiple devices not file formats i.e. pdf/jpg etc
  3. I have same error using version
  4. once a grid is setup on the page, can you have feature to print the grid + content
  5. The instructions were followed, its not perfect still. 2. issues - issue 1. it seems to draw D and G if i am drawing a cirlce take a look at this video 20190321 issue with xp-pen.mp4
  6. Has anyone used XP-Pen with Designer. see attache i'm not that impressed. 20190315-ALMIN IBRAHIMOVIC-not impressed with designer.mp4
  7. too late I just got affinity, will I get refund since I too am draw x8 user
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