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  1. Hey Thanks, for your reply. but the problem im having is with zooming. it hangs for a while when i zoom in and out. it takes like 1 seconds to render out image and lags a lot. which slow down my system. also sometimes when im selecting/switching between tools and panels. i also try to change renderer from IntelĀ® HD graphics to WARP. didn't affect much. although, tools are really great and working fine. i just expected it to be more responsive. for fast work flow.
  2. im using wacom intuos small pen tablet with 4gb ram on my windows 10 system. it takes too long to open Affinity Designer. and sometimes it hangs in between and not responding well. and in pixel persona, paint brush tools is not responding well. it has very jagged brush strokes. not very responsive either. im missing RGB channels window and gradient tool in pixel persona. please do something to make it more responsive and precises.
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