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  1. I am so emotional right now .. this is one of the greatest things that has ever happened for UK developers .. love you guys. x
  2. Thanks for that Patrick .. I was a little worried at first thinking maybe MAS won't work. Checked it out after watching the 'Live'. WOW.. this is the total game changer that I was hoping for. Thanks for all the hard work at Serif you guys are killing it and I love it. x
  3. Fantastic News .. great work .. I'm sure there's more to come.. ;) I've have never come across such a responsive and awesome team of developers .. thanks for making my life easier :)
  4. Maybe it's just me.. I already subscribe so it's not a problem .. just thought I would mention it. Thanks
  5. Hi Ronnie, not sure why, but I have no luck viewing these videos on Chrome .. not even a link! Fine in Safari
  6. Hi rui_mac yes I meant to say that too, if you copy and paste into your browser it works, second link.
  7. Thanks Ronnie .. love a bit of Frequency Separation and such a great feature to be built in to the filters. Great tutorial yet again.
  8. Thanks Ronnie, Ha.. love Ronnie's Dirt Grunge Brush. :) Also thanks for pointing out clipping, I totally missed that and was looking how to clip layers. So Zen, with the sounds and your voice.
  9. Thanks MEB that sounds like great news. I look forward to that and all the other awesomeness for AD.
  10. Thanks MEB, I only see the option to save out layers in the export options as JPEG PNG TIFF or GIF using the Export Persona. Am I missing something?
  11. Thanks for the update Ronnie. Watched it last night but not had time to have a play yet. It looks really intuitive especially the tones and colours on the right of the figure head looked quite close. ( on the ipad ) Rusty
  12. Hi Guys, Though I would jump in here as it's about SVG's, hope you don't mind. Will you be looking at adding SVG output to the export Persona for layers? Thanks Rusty
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