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  1. Ah... It surely answers my problems... or now I prefer, curiousity. Because it turns out nothing problematic here. Surely I have to learn a lot about AD. Thanks for the enlightening answer, Matt!
  2. SHORT VERSION AD surely can import/export EPS file in CMYK color mode. Only the problem is, it doesn't seem include color profile in it. LONG VERSION Hi. I bought Affinity Designer for Windows this morning (GMT+7). For now, I can't give a deep review for the software, but judging from the overview of user interface and features, I can safely say it's a good software. But I have some problems here. 1. When I import an EPS file produced by other software, there's a warning said: Affinity Designer assigned your working profile (U.S. Web Coated (SWOP) v2) to this unprofiled document. The document I opened has specific CMYK Color Profile, but it's somehow ripped off when I load it into AD. 2. When I export some artwork using AD (using any CMYK profile) to EPS file, then I import the file back to AD, it prompt the same warning as point 1 above. Is there a problem with the Export/Import feature? Is there any workaround about that? Or I just missed something (I hope so)? I have tried some suggestions in forums I found when googling, like changing Postscript level from 3 to 2 in Export dialog, but it didn't work. Other people also suggests that the problem only lies on Import, not on Export. But (I'm not sure though, but I think I have a basis here), I opened EPS exported from AD using Notepad++, I search word cmyk, I could only find the line /DeviceCMYK setcolorspace. In other EPS produced by other software, there are a lot of line with word cmyk in many code other than /DeviceCMYK setcolorspace. I think it has something to do with color profile. Explanation/answer on this topic would be much appreciated. Thanks!