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  1. The stabilizer is still not a solution to the polygonal curves I get when drawing fast brush strokes. I could use it for specific works that require slow & precise lineworks, but on a day to day basis, it's not relevant. ( and the polygonal stuff still appears with very low smoothing numbers ) It's too bad since the brush engine has a strong foundation and most of the previous bugs where fixed
  2. - Tablet isn't working anymore ( doesn't seem to get any input : the brush ghost disappears ) -> wacom intuos 3 / win 7 64 - when clicking on stabilizer, the cursor disappears otherwise, the stabilizer is not bad but far from usable. It needs a simpler version without the helper line and with a catch-on; that would be the default one, with an option to adjust the smoothing force.
  3. Win7 64 Same problem : "This beta has expired. ..." Tried after uninstalling both Photo and Designer ( release versions )
  4. Yeah, would be great to know which part of the computer hardware benefits to each part of the software. It is very hard to have this information with adobe, so I would love to have it for Affinity :) Precisions are very welcome
  5. For those that are having the issue : Have you disabled all the crappy things related to pen tablet that are coming with windows ?
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