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  1. I am using Screencast-o-Matic (the paid version) which was recommended by an Udemy instructor. I also use Blueberry FlashBack (advanced Screen recording and editing) and FastStone Screencapture (mainly taking still screencaptures but can also record screens). FlashBack and Faststone Screencapture however are not free. However the Faststone solution cost around 19 Euro for an unlimted version. I like all 3 products which are complementing each other. Chris
  2. When removing the 1.7 version from your computer and then using the old .1.6 installer version, would that do not the trick? This is just out of the top of my head because I did not do it myself. Hope this works. Chris
  3. Hello everyone, Thank you all who replied and helped me out. I appreciate your input and you solved my problem. Because "TVL" was the last word, I expected it to be the extension. So I looked in the wrong way. Like Walt assumed, the extensions showing was off. A month ago I reformatted and installed Windows 7 again and did not select the option to show the extensions. I already successfully opened a template so everything is working fine. The Affinity community full of friendly and helpful people and I like to be around here very much. Chris
  4. Hi again, I looked up the ".TVL" format but found out that it has to do with paying American taxes. I came to the website of Intuit TurboTax but didn't seem to have what I am looking for. I am wondering why those people use the ".TVL" format to distribute templates for Affinity Designer. The templates I bought are : iconic-templates-affinity-designer emblem-templates-affinity-designer If I need another application on Windows to do something with these files, please can you recommend one which does not bundleware? Thank you very much for your help. Chris
  5. Hello everyone, Can you please help me with the following problem? I just bought templates from the Serif Affinity Store for Designer. Those templates are in ".TVL" format. I searched but cannot find anything about how to use these templates. I am using Affinity Designer 1.7 for Windows. Can you please tell me how to use these .TVL files so I can use the templates. Thank you very much for your help, which is truly appreciated. Have a nice day. Chris
  6. Hi Andréas, I had kind of the same issue when I downloaded and tried to install Designer. However, I found out that the downloaded file was only a few kb. I repeated the download and then I could successfully install Designer. Size of the setup file is around 357 or 387 MB (can be a bit more or less). Hope you find a solution to your problem soon. Chris
  7. I use Nuance PowerPDF on Windows (I think there is also a Mac version) to create PDF files just by using "Print...". Works great and afterwards, you can edit them too. Also, the document is very precise converted to PDF format.
  8. I find this a friendly and beneficial community. I am using Serif products since 2009 now, and they never failed me. Affinity let me do more with my limited talents than what would be possible with the Adobe products. When there is a problem, it is always solved in each other's best interest. If we agree or disagree with somebody else, a feature request is not the question. In case somebody requests a feature that is of no immediate need for me, and the application looks well thought out, I will support it. If there is no need for me, or I disagree, I simply keep quiet. Let's be considerate to each other and just let Serif decide which requests can be fulfilled or not. I do appreciate the hard work of the Serif team. Affinity Publisher took a lot of my patience, but I knew from the beginning it was worthwhile the wait. Keep up the good work Serif-Team, at least I am completely relying on your toolset. Chris A very satisfied user of the Affinity range.
  9. As long as Designer - Photo - Publisher do what they are supposed to do, I don't bother about the icons. I have a little preference for the old icons; however, the new ones are also nice.
  10. Because I want guides of different colors, I also create my own. In this way, you can lock every guide individually or give them another color. Also I can combine the "Golden" rule and add my own grid (guides) to it. I support Catlover's remark that guides should extend to the rulers, which with your own guides (like I described) is not possible. But you can save your own guides to use in another creation over and over again. I have to be honest, I learned most here in this community and the Udemy instructor Daniel Evans (which has some Affinity courses but mostly Adobe Illustrator).
  11. Hello Emmrecs01 and Alfred, We bought the licenses because that employee said he wanted to work for us but he hasn't the money for buying the licenses (its in Botswana Africa). So because we thought he was sincere and willing to work for us, we bought him the licenses. He did not keep his side of the bargain and just worked for himself. He won in the short term but will loose in the long term. He cannot re-install any of those programs because those programs where licensed but the license keys are still in our possession. Thank you both again for your replies and advice. Chris
  12. Thank you all for your replies. Indeed, last year May we paid additional (new) license for both Designer and Photo. What we did was and is completely legal. Over a few weeks we need Designer and Photo on a machine we do not use much, but we will buy new licenses for the two. We consider those versions we bought last year May as lost. Anyway, the employee does not have the license keys and we bought from my Serif account. So theoretically, piracy is not possible. To avoid these unpleasant situtions in the future, we no longer buy licenses for machines which are not ours. Thank you all very much for your insights and ideas. I really do appreciate your help. Chris
  13. Hi all, Last year we bought a license for Photo and Designer for an external employee because he agreed working for us. But since more than half a year he is no longer working for us anymore. So we like to use his licenses for one of our own computers. That is the reason why I like to know if a license can be deactivated by the owner so it becomes useless on on computer and can be activated on the other one. When deactivation is not possible, we will buy new licenses for Designer and Photo and later Publisher. Thank you very much for your time and efforts spend on my request. Chris
  14. Hi Mike, Thank you very much for your very valuable advice. I will follow your advice and choose CMYK. It is indeed black with 2 other colors surely yellow and probably blue or red. Very nice also to include the PDF spot color hint. You surely made my day. Chris
  15. Hello everyone, A few weeks ago I asked a question about printing a logo. Now the customer talked with his printer and said it was too expensive. His printer said that 3 color (spot) was cheaper and all the gradients has to be removed. When I choose "New" I am confused about the color format. I do not think CMYK will do anymore but don't know which one to choose. Also which color profile does I need to choose? Thank you very much for your help. Chris
  16. Hello everyone, Thank you all for your interesting and useful advice. I created several prototype logos for this client. They now want a logo with a blue waterdrop, yellow text, and a greyish background. When I count 3 spot colors. I do not use a printer myself, it is the client who chooses his/her printer. I just create that is all. I will use the advice here for future projects. Thanks again for your time spent on my request,. Chris
  17. Hi everyone, Can you please give me advice about creating artwork (a logo) for printing. This is my problem. I created a logo for a client. He wanted something special which stand out the crowd. I told him that it would be a very expensive logo and he agreed. However, now the logo is finished and sent to the printer, he said that the printing costs are too high because of those gradients which are in the logo. The logo needs to be printed on a 4 color printing press. How can I make sure, the logo I design, can be printed as spot color? I am now thinking on using yellow, blue and grey. So how can I make sure that whatever I design, it can be printed in these colors only? For the New Document option, which color model should I choose? I intend to use blue/yellow/grey colors but will add some transparancy to create a 3D look instead of those gradients. I just design and draw logo's and don't want to be bothered with the financial side of printing costs. I assume that when I tell somebody that the logo they request will need expensive 4 color printing press and they agree, they know what they are requesting. I realize I am using many sentences because I am very unsure. This all comes down on one thing; when somebody ask for a cheap logo, how can I prevent that the techniques I use in Designer will not need that expensive 4 color printing? Thank you very much for your advice which will be very much appreciated. I apologize for not being clearer. Chris
  18. Hi all, As an exercise, I drew an enlightenment symbol this morning. When understanding this symbol, you understand how the universe work. It should be nice to me if somebody could explain this symbol to me, so I understand the universe:). I included two images, one is the original Affinity Designer file, the other one is the png version. Can you give me your remarks, suggestions or idea about the drawing itself? I like to learn and improve my skills. If you think I did something wrong, just tell me. Even if you don't like what I drew, you can tell me. Thank you very much for your time and efforts spent on my request. It is a pleasure to work with Affinity Designer, which is my favourite program for drawing. Chris
  19. I bought the Affinity range Designer and Photo from the moment they became available. To be honest it was a difficult switch because those Plus range products could do so much more than the Affinity range. From the moment I switched to Affinity, I forgot about the Plus range and never returned back to them. I found out that creativity will get us much further than even the most versatile application will do. Look to the astonishing artwork created with the Affinity range, masterpieces in their own right. I want to add +1 support for the mail merge feature. I agree, this feature is essential for Publisher to compete with the others. Nevertheless, I will buy Publisher without this feature. Chris
  20. I also will prefer Python and secondly JavaScript. Overall, adding scripting whatever the language will be a very nice addition. Thank you Serif team for your hard work on our favourite applications.
  21. Hi all, Thank you all very much for your replies and your help which is truly appreciated. I just found the thread : I was indeed mixing up threads. Wish you all a very nice day and all the best. Chris
  22. Hi R C-R, Thank you for your reply but it is not the video I saw. I did indeed watch both clipping and masking videos. What I remember of the missing movie is that there where 4 horizontal brushes, each in a different color. The person was asking for help because he didn't understand. Maybe I am mixing threads. Have a nice day. Chris
  23. @Alfred I can't remember exactly when but it was on this forum. Problem is that my short term memory is damaged during a heart attack in June last year. So please don't be upset when I am wrong. A knife tool should be a very nice addition to the toolset of Affinity Designer, however for me I can live without. I am looking forward to the 1.7 stable version because I am sure it will be a great release! Chris
  24. Hi all, This afternoon I looked at a post here which had a movie with 4 different color brushes. Now I wanted to look again to this post but it is no longer here. Did anybody removed a posting here? Thank you. Chris
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