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  1. Purchased Publisher 1.8.1 yesterday now that I have the option of opening IDML files. I'm testing a couple of IDML projects at the moment and finding that all .ai files that are a part of the IDML project are opening at greatly reduced sizes compared to the original InDesign project and I don't have the ability to accurately re-size them. Additionally, some are showing with width and height distorted proportions and, again, I don't have the ability to adjust them back to original percentages as the edit tools aren't showing up as they normally would. Even the .psd images are not giving me an Image Details Panel in the Context Tool Bar so that I can edit them. It's a client-supplied template and .ai files make up about 40% of the entire layout, so this is a pretty major ball-ache if I want to try and convert their existing InDesign to Publisher, for future use. Any help/suggestions would be appreciated. I'm running Mojave 10.14.6 on iMac.
  2. Life's not too short but workflow practices are important and need streamlining. I want to be able to design in a programme that I'm not swearing at every 5 minutes and one that actually allows me to enjoy doing my job again. If I can present clients with artwork template alternatives that I and other agencies may be able to make use of, I'm helping spread the benefits of other design software solutions. For Affinity to become an industry standard and break the industry hold Adobe have over us, I'd be happy to spend some time doing that. Currently, using InDesign and the rest of CC depresses the hell out of me and I hate it, so alternative solutions that bring back some of the fun of creating will improve my outlook, not restrict it, so I think it's worth the effort.
  3. We handle projects which have to be designed in a range of client templates which have all been built in InDesign. I like what I've seen with the Affinity suite but I know I couldn't convince the clients to change their working practices (they're multi-territory companies with a US bias), but I'm very keen to look into converting the supplied ID files into Affinity as soon as I'm able to and then proposing them as a set of alternative templates to the clients. I'm so unhappy with Adobe CC that I'll probably do this free of charge, just to make our lives easier in the studio. Times are a-changing and I'm so pleased Publisher has finally been released. I just need that functionality to be able to consider a full switch. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the ID>AP update!
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