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  1. I'm not sure if you ever figured it out or not, but you can create perf cuts for Versaworks just by naming any spot color PerfCutContour. I hope this helps! I actually made a pallet for AD for the cut contour and the perf cut contour. I'll see if I can add it here. I know these work for Versaworks, not sure for other rip software. Cut_Contour.afpalette
  2. This is a top feature for me and there are several others I would like to see, but that being said, I am completely satisfied with the overall products. Once you get used to navigating the menus and tools and structure, it really is a good group of apps to work with.
  3. 90% of the business in the shop I work for is vehicle related. Roughly 60% of that work requires cutting on plotters. I absolutely support this feature and it has already been discussed here that if the option were to become available, we would dump support for other design packages.
  4. Hello MEB, Thank you for your reply. I figured as much and truly appreciate your input. I will state that, I do thoroughly enjoy using Affinity Designer and Photo. I have been slowly incorporating it into our workflow at my job and designing vehicle wraps with it. It takes some getting use to for laying out designs onto vehicle templates, but I am slowly getting there.
  5. Good afternoon all. I have a problem that is really, only mildly irritating. When creating objects and duplicating them, there appears to be separation between each object. If I export it out as a PDF, for example, the separations are gone. Like I said, it's really not that big of an issue, just more of an irritation for myself. I'll attach a couple of files for you to check out. Many thanks in advance! Test.pdf
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