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  1. Hi, I have just got the Affinity Designer for iPad (Air 2) - cool, but: Unfortunately, I am experiencing freezings & lags, when checking examples included in the app - it's practically not possible to work on those files. Are those examples so "big files" that iPad Air 2 is not capable to treat them correctly? Now the app is launching but nothing responds. So, a bug on my iPad? or it's just generally a too old machine for the task? A bit disappointed here, but I could understand if my iPad is too old - just tell me, and I'll ask Apple to get the refund. Thank you for your help guys. Best
  2. Hi, Do you plan to make Affinity Designer any better while working with fonts? (So much vital for pro users) What about integration with Font Managers out there (Linotype's Font Explorer, Suitcase and so...) I am installing fonts with Font Explorer X Pro. Those fonts do not show in Affinity D (no plugin) Manual font activation in Affinity D is so much annoying. Thanks

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