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  1. Hi I would like to improve the over all look of the photo. As I don't know what can be done ? It's pixelate so if that can be inproved would be a good start the fence looks a bit odd in the background, lots of spots all over it, and get it back to a black & white photo. so I know this would be a steep learning curve for me but I now have lots of time on my hands.
  2. Hi All I have had Affinity Photo for a long time but not really had time to get into it in a big way but now that I have retired I have the time on my hands to play with it. I can do little bits to make my photos look better by using the Tutorial. I'm also doing my family Tree and I have lots of old photos that I would like to add to the tree but most of them are not in good condition like the one I have attach to this post. So my question is is it possible to do anything with photos like this or not? if it is possible can anyone point me in the wright direction please. Thank you for your help Andrew
  3. Hi Thank you for your help I think I have a long way to go.
  4. Hi just getting in Affinity Photo for windows. I have been looking at some Videos and some of the things on the screens are different to what i have on my screen. In all the tutorials i have looked at they have a white dot i have a red one and i can't seam to change it so can someone please help? Thank you Andrew
  5. Hi All Can anyone please help me. This is an old photo of one of my grandparents the photo is on the back of a bean tin and you can only just see the picture as it is almost gone black i scanned it and loaded it into Affinity and made some adjustments but would like to see if I can get it better can any help or tell me how to do it. Thank You Andrew
  6. Had no time to setup to take this shot. the Kites just appeared then disappeared in about 5 mins. So had to do a bit of editing,
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