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  1. pepjo

    Affinity designer panels not loading

    Yes, it works without duet display. I had the early public betas installed and they worked great, even with duet installed. Also, I'm running on a laptop with two GPUs, an Intel one and and a Nvidia 960M. I hope this can help you solve the problem.
  2. pepjo

    Affinity designer panels not loading

    Patrick Connor: My original system came with Spanish (Spain) as the main language. However I've changed it to use the following languages: 1- Catalan 2- Spanish 3- English Sean P: Yes! I do have 'Duet Display' installed, however it was not running when I tried to launch the app.
  3. Hello, I just bought affinity designer for windows but when I try to open it I only see the canvas. I attached an screenshot: How can I solve this? Thanks.