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  1. In EDIT-PREFERENCES-KEYBOARDshortcuts you can alter the shortcuts the way you like, like the ones you're used to in Photoshop. In VIEW-CUSTOMIZE TOOLS you can customize the tools the way you like. In CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR you can customize the UI as you want it to be. In VIEW-STUDIO you can check wich tabs you want to see on your monitor and arrange them the way you like. So, Affinity Photo is highly customizable.
  2. You can't make Affinity look exactly like Photoshop. Some shortcuts are allready the same as Photoshop's. It alsways takes some time to invest in a new program. By the way, all shortcuts are fully customizable...
  3. Thanks for the beta tester special discount. I allready pre-ordered Affinity Publisher.
  4. Thanks for the heads up. It seems I misses this one. I allready pre-ordered Affinity Publisher.
  5. I'd like to see a Publisher feature roadmap so we can see what features will be included, like footnotes/endnotes etc. Just like the ones Serif has done with Photo and Designer.
  6. I know that internally they are the same, just different format names.
  7. afpub, afdesign and afphoto. 3 different format names.
  8. Software development is faster then some brains, lol, especially after a certian age.....
  9. Thanks for clearing that up, Ben. It does speed up things, if you need it.
  10. True, I did try that solution in XNViewMP as well, with no results. I will use Windows Explorer anyway so for me the problem is solved. I can set Explorer to open the respective file formats with the 3 apps...
  11. For previews in Windows Explorer have a look at my solution in this thread: Both .afdesign AND .afpub work! see screenshot in the thread...
  12. OK, I managed to get previews in Windows explorer! I use this as an extension of Windows explorer: http://qttabbar.wikidot.com/ Add the two formats to the extension list and they show up in Windows explorer! screenshot:
  13. You have two options: save to file, this will include the file and save as a sidecar file, wich will save the file in a different format next to your image format.
  14. In xnviewMP you just have to check the "show all formats" box to show .afdesign format files. Maybe manually adding the other format, the beta format might also show these files.
  15. add affinity publisher and then the .apub extension. It MIGHT show the thumbnails. Have a look at this thread, it might help. You also might be able to manually add the formats in xnviewMP Unfortunately that didn't work, only a placeholder.
  16. You could try to add the Affinity formats into the list of supported formats and the thumbnails might turn up.
  17. This tool might be of some help to speed up things? https://graphicriver.net/item/smarticon-generator-2-isometric-3d-icons/19592649?irgwc=1&clickid=XsoUqAySRxyJW2ZwUx0Mo3E2Ukl1eBSFHVjWwE0&iradid=275988&irpid=1287816&iradtype=ONLINE_TRACKING_LINK&irmptype=mediapartner&mp_value1=&utm_campaign=af_impact_radius_1287816&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_source=impact_radius
  18. Now, that's cool. I need to explore isometric for sure...
  19. "To them it might be a priority, but that doesn't mean it will be anyone else's priority." It's up to Serif to determin wich features to implement first... I am quite sure they will implement the most asked for features but obscure features will have to wait...You can't cram in all features from other software in version 1...
  20. It's not that there are no other tools at your disposal at the moment. It will get there in the end. Indesign wasn't as feature rich in the beginning as it is now. wanting all those features in version 1 is not realistic...Or you have to wait another 1 to 2 years before the launch....
  21. See, as I stated above, just a matter of time and patience...They can't do all at once...
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