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  1. Probably not since the features used in actions don't necessarely match the ones in AD. Importing actions from Illustrator makes more sense since it's the same type of vector program and Photoshop is a Bitmap program.
  2. We have arrowheads now in Designer... If they would implement such a feature, make it better then Microsoft's implementation. The lines go all the way...
  3. The feature you are looking for is allready in Microsoft Visio Professional. I doubt it is the target of Serif to replace 20 applications into one. The UI would be too cluttered anyway. Illustrator doesn't have this feature as well.
  4. Most professionals will do a manual trace for logo's as it yields best results. I can image It might save time but with relatively complex logo's doing it yourself is always better then any trace program.
  5. I am quite sure we will see the light of footnotes/end notes. But I presume stability fixes have priority at the moment. A version 1.8 or 1.9 might see foot/end notes.
  6. It has been requested for many times over and over and it will probably be included in a version 2.0 Serif stated that they will only include this function if it works the way they think it should work, as in effective tracing. For now you can use the tracing engine of Inkscape. It's quite good.
  7. Not only books, also a lot of magazines are made with DTP programs. And they don't need that feature.
  8. Would like support for the Astute Graphics line of plug-ins! They enhance Illustrator greatly.
  9. You know about these plug-ins for Illustrator? https://astutegraphics.com/software/vectorscribe/ scroll down to all features, including measurements. Dynamic Measurements Ideal for fashion designers, cartographers and technical illustrators the Dynamic Measure Tool allows quick and accurate measurements, with the option to convert into artwork. All measurements from simple lengths, angles and path area to distances along path remain dynamic, removing any guesswork and tedious calculations.
  10. How is PDF to Word conversion, I found all lacking compared to Acrobat Pro. I see it has only renting plan.....
  11. Use the A (artistic text tool) and type in 1. Use the Drop cap on the 1. Artisitc tool 5 and drop cap and artictic tool 0 Drop cap, all same size. With alignment you can align the way you like. All 3 digits same size. You can group them.
  12. Unfortunately there's only one really good in converting Word documents and that is Acrobat Pro. If you need that feature don't waste time trying others, they all are not as good as Acrobat Pro. Tried them all, was very disappointed no one came close. Tried them on a variety of documents and all had their problems. At least, those were my findings. YMMV.
  13. Couple the panels on the right. then you can open them in the panel bar and shouldn't cause problems. If you drags panels out of the panels bar then this might happen.
  14. Yes, it's a bit strange. Afdesign and afphoto do work but afpub doesn't show up. It should work since all 3 extension are completely the same.
  15. It shows Designer and Photo previews but NOT Publisher previews... I have all 3 working in Windows 10 explorer though.
  16. 2 million users now. A specific keyboard for Affinity line of products would be welcome only if they make it a mechanical one. These are way better then any cheap keyboard.
  17. This is an option available in Microsoft Visio as well. You can set the scale/factor and draw schematics. Defenately a Designer function.
  18. Log in to your serif account and go to downloads and license keys. here you'll find the downalods and if need be the registration keys. Also the fonts etc. to download.
  19. Congratulations Serif on launching Affinity Publisher! The Studiolink works great. For people using the beta's. For the Studiolink to work you must install the retail versions from your download page, then the link works.
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