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  1. Thanks MEB, To be honest I didn't even consider constraints a factor, I made a new test where I removed all constraints on both the objects and artboards themselves and attempted to repeat the issue and unfortunately it still existed. I'm attaching a quickly mocked up example I created that shows the issue I'm encountering. Thanks! Mike Hermes ObjectPosition-Example1.afdesign
  2. Whenever you copy/paste between artboards (of the same size especially) the objects do not retain the X position and instead center themselves on the new artboard at the proper Y position. In Illustrator there is a 'paste in place' that provides the expected behavior, and while AF Designer doesn't specifically have this it appears to work similarly except for this issue. I've tested this on new and even previously imported Illustrator documents and the issue persists. The only way to get around this issue is to anchor a shape in the opposite corners of the artboard and copy everything acros
  3. I also encountered this exact same issue. I find if I close AD and reopen it the issue goes away for a while, something I'm doing triggers it (I'm not sure what exactly). I thought at first maybe it had to do with me switching Renderers (one of the many things I tried to fix it) but the issue popped back up again. Hopefully they can figure this one out and fix it soon!
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