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  1. take your time! my sons are 6 month and 2,5 years. so partyhard all the day. combined with selfemployed its really funny sometimes... ;) and feeld free to contact me per skype or elsewhere for all questions coming up!
  2. kk i´ll collect all the things. is skype or smth also possible for communication? would be nice, i could share screen and so on. but email is also working for me.
  3. hi again. in PS i see the same color as in de PDF exported from AD, the real CMYK red. when i pick the color in PS my RGB values for this CMYK red are R 155 / G 60 / B 25, which a the "real" and right values of a cmyk red, cause its far away from any 255 red. also when i open the exported CMYK pdf from AD in PS with the same profile active i´m getting the same values. so AD is doing all right, only the display simunlation of cmyk is far away from reality here :/
  4. first of all thanks for your answer. my output profile in AD is set to "iso coated v2 300%". also my cmyk profile for working is set to this profile. i exported the rectangle out as a pdf/x-1a. after opening the pdf with acrobat and checking the color, all is setup right. profile and color values of 100/100, and the color is displayed as a correct cmyk red. in the screenshot above you see the opened red pdf rectangle with color values picked, and behind is the same rectangle displayed in AD from where it was exported. same profile same values, but way more red than the exported cmyk. so my conclusion is, that AD can work with profiles, but not really displaying the working color space right in cmyk? this may not occur that intensiv on display with sRGB color space limit. but here its impossible to create print files with a decent color accuracy. maybe AD just only would ned a function like "show proof colors" and all is fine. i dont know.
  5. the image is a comparison of an exported pdf from AD. both same cmyk values, both same color modes. left the one which can be produced in printing. right the false color version from AD. so maybe the only thing what is needed ist a "CMYK simulation preview"? and yes i know, austrian are way to harsh sometimes ;)
  6. i gonna send some screenshots later... ever tested on a screen with more than 16mio colors? i am on 1mrd. on every screen... so cmyk is definitly oversaturated. also when i select cmyk 8bit when creating a domcument....
  7. same problem here. rgb =/= cmyk, 255rgb isnt the same than 100 / 100 cmyk red, and a 100/100 cmyk red is far away from a 255R red... but with an extended color range monitor its more funny and saturated. :)
  8. yeah it stucks, way better than sucks. thanks for your kind words and your help! it so great to see such a professional handling with issues bugs. but stop calling this a professional software. if you cant even work in cmyk. na sorry, you can work in cmyk. but the proof result is a "little" bit different... but its gonna be fixed sooooooooon!
  9. that sounds really professional! ...
  10. looool this is ridiculous. so if you got a calibrated monitor your fu**ed.... great ... haha
  11. designer is displaying cmyk red like unmanaged rgb red. and yes, both monitors are hardware calibrated ffs. and i dont have any problems since 15 years displaying cmyk in adobe apps.... lets se what serif is going to do. but i dont expect any fix soon with this no reaction policy from their side. thats my opinion. and i gonna tell my experience to any prof. deisnger i knnow.
  12. sony a900 raw files take 25 to 30 seconds. win 10 pro 32 gb ram 8 gb vram 1070gtx i7 2700k @ 4,3ghz ssd drive
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