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  1. But... Even now if CMYK8 is correctly exported to the PDF ( when using CMYK in document and export as Print PDF ), still in this CMYK document mode cannot make any influence on Saturation using HSL. Hue and Luminosity Shifts are working but Saturation Shit has very light ( almost ) invisible impact on saturation increasing. And Luminosity Shift when increasing is doing a desaturation for the image. Why is that ?
  2. I think that I was not used PDF PRINT profile so there was convertion from CMYC to RGB when saving the PDF. Sorry, my bad
  3. Hi there is a problem with visibility of HSL filter influence on an image in editor in CMYK8 document colour mode. In CMYK8 mode HSL changes are almost invisible but after exporting to PDF you can see real changes that have been made. It is very misleading then you have no correct colour view in editor. DropBox link to download the Source and PDF files
  4. No Hardware acceleration for nVidia ? Only for weak AMD devices and fancy overpriced Apple ? That is embarrassing that I have (overpriced) nVidia RTX2080Ti and its power cannot be used by Affinity ? It is so embarrassing like not working drag-drop files to the batch job or stack job and constant problem with badly saved HDR file headers ( HDR files saved by Affinity Photo are not readable with UE4, but those from Ps work fine ). Sorry is not enough. Fix it please.
  5. Please fix issue with wrong header in HDR file exported by Affinity Photo. Probably you use RGBE instead standard RADIANCE header. (this problem has been resolved by guy from https://hdrihaven.com/ whose HRDI files caused the same problem ) Unreal Engine has problem with import HDR file after Affinity exporting. File exported from Photoshop works fine ! Because of this (only of this problem) I had to start to use Adobe Ps with its slave annual fees !
  6. I do not have running version of app when doing upgrade. I use ESET Smart Security, but other apps installers have not problem with that. Your installer is an exception.
  7. This error appears only with Affinity Designer and Photo installer. Changing owner to ALL or run it as an Administrator does not help. It will be able to install after machine restart ( As I said before Affinity installer erases folder and then tries to install in that folder new version but OS took its as unavailable (/but still visible/) ) I ask you again: FIX YOUR INSTALLATION SCRIPT. Maybe script does something wrong with folder erasing using not proper function for that - I do not know. Check script line by line for potential problems if you cannot reproduce it on your machines. Only your software has this installation problem. Sorry about my angry tone of expression but you did nothing with that since few last updates. The first version of Affinity installer for Windows and the first update worked fine - as I remember. Do it something please. It looks completely unprofessional ( cannot reproduce = no problem ).
  8. I wrote a post about it. But they cannot reproduce this error. The problem is that this folder for OS does not exists and it is locked despite it is still visible. After machine restart this folder will not appear any more and then you will be able to install it without any problem. Probably developers should examine the installation script ( some erase actions when installing application ).
  9. Your installer for Designer and Photo has a bug. When installation process goes on, after removing previous installation files, installer cannot store files in Program Files folder cause it tries to store files in a deleted folder. This folder i.e. c:\Program Files\Affinity\Affinity Photo\ is visible in Windows but inaccessible cause is marked by OS to erase. After OS restart this folder disappears and installation can be done without problems ( I have to input license activation data again that makes me nervous ). Check it please, cause this problem has occurred in previous versions of Designer & Photo Installers also. And only your installer has this kind of problem. I did not find this kind of problem related to other installers ( which I run with Normal user privs).
  10. I would like to have Save As default path set to the first imported content to the layer ( i.e. raster image opened to edition ) as it is in Ps now. It is very disturbing when APh uses last used path from last project I worked on. Maybe you should add an option in preferences to select default Save As path ( as it is now or as first imported/opened asset ).
  11. Thanks for a quick update! I hope that Develop Persona will be soon non-destructive, work-stack oriented ( non-rasterized overlays ) and as good or better than Lr :) Fingers crossed to help me forget about Adobe !
  12. Hi I cannot find gradient type switch - a drop down list. In tutorial in appears in the bar below personas. But as you see on attached image there is no drop down list to change it.
  13. Maybe it is a bug. It looks like the gradient overlay tool has been created from pair: White-Opaque & Black-Transparent instead White-Opaque & White-Transparent ...
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