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  1. Yes, I personally feel that C1 is worth the extra cost. I've been using it since version 8 and have tried a number of other RAW processors and been unhappy so switched back to C1, I also prefer the UI & UX. Fingers and toes crossed :P PS - DxO Optics Pro did come close to C1 for RAW, but it doesn't have local adjustment and that was a problem me.
  2. I compare AP to Photoshop, not Lightroom. The RAW processing in AP is lacking but the photo editing features are right up there. While I use FastRawViewer for vetting my RAW files first I use Capture One Pro for RAW processing which is (one of) the best out there, plus it includes session/catalog management. When I need to "edit" an image I use AP; for example, to remove distracting elements. I'm also happy with AP for printing. C1 with AP are an alternative to the LR and PS combination, but would like to see AP catch up with LR and C1 for RAW processing and also include session/catalog management.
  3. It's not a DAM but, I use FastRawViewer with AP; just set AP as an external editor. It's not very expensive and I think you'll find it very useful in your workflow on Mac or PC. Regards, Matt
  4. mjbennetts

    Update to 1.5.1 problem

    Hi Bruce, I had the same issue but solved it by uninstalling and then reinstalling from Store again. I used CleanMyMac (v3) to uninstall it first but I assume you could also just remove the "Affinity Photo.app" from the Applications folder using Finder, though I didn't try that. Regards, Matt.

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