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  1. I've had plenty of interactions with Serif staff. Nice people and very helpful!
  2. Hi I was wondering if there is a way to do this, and if not i have a suggestion I'm a UI designer and and have to make a lot of assets like this to be used by software; A sprite sheet with multiple frames that result in a button. I have the symbols set up so that I just have to change one frame to update the whole artboard with all proper effects intact, which is great. So being all set up, I would like to duplicate the artboard and "instantiate" the symbols so I don't have to build this whole artboard again. What I have to do presently is in my attached video: detach all symbols in the previous artboard so that I can update the next one. But this destructive and makes editing a nightmare. It would be great to have some option to create instances of symbols when duplicating objects/artboard. Maybe a new button in the symbols panel? It would be so baller. 2020-04-29_17-31-35.mp4
  3. People expecting *lifetime* updates on a $50 purchase... you like new stuff right? Nothing just materializes out of the air, it takes work. Work is paid for.
  4. I'm getting the sense maybe the guassian blur adjustment layer was re-written or something? Its behaving completely differently now wherever it is, and glitches follow.
  5. a temporary work-around is to un-sync the symbol, and apply an FX gaussian blur instead of a layer, but things get pretty dicey real quick when you've got dozens and dozens of the symbol with as many unsynced variants
  6. I had some templates that were working fine, but after updating recently the gaussian blur layer is causing the symbol layer its applied to to just disappear So i can control whether the below symbol appears simply by toggling the guassian blur layer above on/off and then toggling the Gaussian Blur layer on causes:
  7. Just wanted to say, it is so stupid that Designer doesn't have macros but Photo does. I have no doubt this was a marketing decision to encourage users to buy the full suite, which is very irritating because I'd rather NOT have to switch to photo everytime I need to run a macro operation. Extremely dumb.
  8. I can provide the document, but it can't be shared with the public as it doesn't belong to me. How should I do that?
  9. I have this template I built for generating faux-3D boxes from poster images. It uses symbols from Designer, and perspective filters from Photo. The document behaves the same in both applications. Check out these glitches I get:Attached is an image of the glitches I get. Any idea how I can fix this? This was a pretty key selling point for our company, I had the whole place switch over
  10. having this same issue, preparing seamless textures using Affine but they become softened with each application
  11. I’m curious about your workflow, how would hyperlinks/linked documents/find replace be useful in Photo or Designer? Genuinely curious, wondering if I’m missing out on something lol
  12. I'd even accept needing all 3 to use it, even if you never used publisher. Publisher looks awesome but I never do print work so its hard to justify
  13. I have Designer and Photo (pc) and I'm all updated to 1.7.1 for both, but I don't see anything about StudioLink. A few questions: Do I have to buy Publisher to use StudioLink? If so, is it at least compatible between Designer/Photo, or can it only be used within Publisher? Thanks for helping clear it up Spencer
  14. It's not so bad with 3 layers, but it gets extremely tedious when you're dealing with an entire scene and each object is made of like 30 layers nested in various ways, its just less organized and less consolidated. But it sounds like they figured this out for 1.7! here's hoping
  15. Hi I'm in the middle of a project and I can't figure out, how do you add multiples of layer effects? for example Outer Shadows, or Gradient Overlay? The workaround is to use nested layers each with their own Gradient Overlay etc, but its super tedious and messy. Any ideas? And if this is not possible, I really think there is a strong argument for it. Light and shadow is extremely complex and I think a lot of designers need this feature. Thanks!
  16. You have just saved me so much work and so many headaches it is insane. THANK YOU
  17. I'm having this recurring issue, where if I clip something to a shape/curve at an angle the original shape/curve fill bleeds into the edge, which is particularly obvious when clipping a light color to a dark color as shown here: Can anybody help? Much appreciated clipping mask error.afdesign
  18. junovhs

    Foliage Brushes

    wow, thats an amazing list with details! Thanks so much! This has given me a lot more insight, much appreciated. Yea, everything we've done so far is compatible with both Designer and Photo. The only things that wouldn't be, would be vector brushes (unless those also work in Photo? I assumed not but haven't actually checked) Super inspired now, thanks again!
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