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  1. When I record a macro, and then apply it within a batch process, part of the macro is implemented differently to how it was recorded. The specific steps that go wrong are in relation to placing and positioning an image as part of the macro. Here's what I record doing: 1. Resize document to 500 x 500 2. Place image into document in topmost layer (being used as a watermark) 3. Resize placed image to 500 x 500 4. Align placed image to bottom right of document. Here's what the macro records: 1. Document properties 2. Add Image 3. Transform 4. Transform 5. Arrange Nodes Here's what the macro does when run within a batch process: 1. Scales the image 2. Adds the placed image over the top of the original 3. Saves new image according to batch parameters Here's what's wrong with the new image: 1. The placed image is not scaled to 500 x 500, but is much bigger and pixellated. Here's what I discovered on investigating this anomaly: 1. On reviewing the settings of the Transform steps in the Macro Panel, the settings of 500 x 500 are not recorded, only a scale factor of 100% x 100%. Even though the original placed file is already 500 x 500 for some reason the batch process ignores or misinterprets these steps and places the image at a much much larger scale. 2. When I run the macro within Affinity, and not part of a batch process, the placed image is scaled EVEN LARGER than when placed as part of the batch process, resulting in the 500 x 500 placed image being placed at 557256.3 x 557256.3. Clearly something is not right about how Affinity is interpreting Transform steps in macros. Does anyone have any solution?
  2. [sOLVED] First, this is primarily a problem with the windows automatic updater. My solution was horribly complex but in case anyone gets this problem I'm sharing links below: 1) First I backed up all of my essential files, downloads and software, and then did a factory reinstall on my PC. 2) Then I applied the fixes described in this Microsoft Tech Support article: https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/wiki/windows_7-update/fix-windows-7-update-stuck-on-checking-for-updates/ad6cfeef-232a-49b4-a57b-39978eea6630?rtAction=1478992206279 3) The above article doesn't make it absolutely clear, but after each reboot you need to Start > run > CMD as Administrator, and then enter: net stop wuauserv before continuing. 4) I then installed Windows 7 Platform Update: https://www.microsoft.com/en-gb/download/details.aspx?id=36805 5) I could then install Affinity Designer for Windows 6) You might be able to skip step 1, and just try the fixes from step 2. Enjoy :D
  3. The bad news is that I found no solution to my .NET installation problem, which means I would never have been able to install Affinity Designer. :( The good news is that I have backed up all my data and am running a factory reset on my computer. I hope to install it when all that is over. :D
  4. I've used Quark, InDesign and PageMaker in my time, but, in all seriousness, none of them, and I mean none of them, have beaten the more recent versions of Serif PagePlus for sheer speed of getting the job done, and no loss of quality or features as far as I am concerned. If Affinity Publisher can be anything like their Windows PagePlus offering then we are all in for a very sweet time. (Compared to PagePlus I don't know how anyone gets to the end of a day with Quark, etc.)
  5. Sadly I have had no joy whatsoever solving this. It appears to be some issue getting the .NET framework to install, but it constantly fails no matter what.
  6. The ability to export DXF format curves would make it much easier for designing in Affinity and then cutting with a cutter/plotter.
  7. I think I have made some headway. This is related to the .NET Framework installation that Affinity requires. There is no sign of it in the task manager, but, if I try to 'repair' the .NET Framework installation I get exactly the same error. I am now uninstalling .NET in order to let it install again from scratch, and will feedback here on how it works.
  8. Hi MEB, thanks for the suggestion, unfortunately it didn't work. There were no other affinity processes or applications running listed in task manager. I tried installing again in any case but still get the same error: "Setup cannot continue because a previous installation requires your computer to be restarted. Please restart your computer and rerun Setup." I imagine there must be some registry entry, or 'lock' file, that is fooling the setup program into thinking there is a reboot needed. But I have now rebooted enough times for all of us. :unsure: What's even more bizarre is that there was no previous installation except perhaps the beta. But I already installed and uninstalled that successfully, so this is purely an issue with the full version Setup. Any other ideas? Many thanks for the help.
  9. I've just bought and downloaded Affinity Designer for Windows. Whenever I try to run the installer I get this message: "Setup cannot continue because a previous installation requires your computer to be restarted. Please restart your computer and rerun Setup." I have now restarted my computer twice since then and I still get the message when I run Setup. Since getting this error I have also successfully installed the Public Beta of Affinity Designer, restarted, run it (got the beta ended message), then uninstalled it. But subsequently, when running the full version Setup I still get the same error message. Any help gratefully received. :(
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