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  1. Publisher is also running really slow for me, as well. I have 140 pages of a book. No images. I have the latest version of Publisher for Windows. I checked, and I don't have a "Metal" settings in my Windows Publisher. In Performance I expanded usage of RAM . . . Didn't make any difference in the speed. Any suggestions? Thank you!
  2. Someone mentioned, in the Facebook Affinity Publisher group, that they would like book and book cover templates. I think that's a great idea. Can Affinity please create some book and book cover templates in Affinity Publisher? Thank you!
  3. What most of you missed is the fact that Serif NEVER had good documentation. What I fear is that Affinity Publisher won't either. This will make it very hard for me -- a non-professional -- to use advanced features. Simply put, I want Affinity to put out documentation that is as good as what is available for Quark XPress and InDesign. For example the QucikStart guides by Peachpit Press: https://www.amazon.com/QuarkXPress-Windows-Macintosh-Elaine-Weinmann-dp-0321358279/dp/0321358279/ref=mt_paperback?_encoding=UTF8&me=&qid=1535900373 Years and years ago I searched for a desktop publisher that was easy to use. I am a writer and wanted to lay out my own books. I found PagePlus and was immediately in love -- until it came to laying out my book and trying to find out how to do certain things. I bought ALL the documentation books Serif had: 100% useless. There just wasn't enough specificity. As I said, given Serif's history, I am afraid they simply won't put out a really useful book on how to use the program. And that's what I need. What would be wrong with having a guide that can teach someone who has never used a desktop publishing program how to use it? Of course if you've been using InDesign and Quark for years, this is probably a breeze for you, but you're not the only people who will be using this program. And don't forget, there are people like me who've used PagePlus and want Affinity Publisher to be way better and easier to use than PagePlus. And of course, with lots of people doing self-publishing, there will be more writers wanting to lay out their own books who have never used a desktop publishing program before. So, this is not a matter of patience . . . it's a matter of Serif history and whether they will do something different with Affinity Publisher.
  4. One of the things I was really praying hard for was easy pagination in Affinity Publisher. When you're publishing books, this is huge. Sounds like pagination is as much a nightmare in Affinity Publisher as it was in PagePlus. I hope Affinity comes up with something 100% better.
  5. For some reason I don't believe you. I also don't think you tried doing anything with it, like lay out a book.
  6. . . . and you pointing out "failing" is a very negative approach to my post.
  7. My point exactly. They are FAILING to INTRODUCE elements. Instead, they are going right into using master pages, without ever describing what master pages are or how they work. That's working with assumptions that people already know the basics. Describing those elements would be introducing elements. You simply cannot assume everyone coming to Affinity Publisher has used a desktop publishing program before and will automatically know the basics. I've not used Adobe. I'm basically clueless about how basic desktop publishing programs work. And how am I going to learn if your tutorials start with the assumption that I know the basics? It's wiser to start with the assumption that everyone coming to Affinity Publisher has NEVER used a desktop publishing program before. It certainly won't hurt experienced users and it will bring in grateful new users. Thank you.
  8. I just started watching the Affinity Publisher tutorials and, I am sorry to say, they are awful! I've been using Serif products for years and years and, in my experience, this has always been their biggest problem and weakest aspect: Poor documentation. For tutorials and documentation, you simply cannot assume the person knows the basics--or any aspect of desktop publishing at all. You really do have to start at the beginning! A good beginning is to go over the tool bar and all its parts and what they do and how to use them. All the best tutorials start there. These Publisher video tutorials go way too fast, assume you know a lot of things you don't and, as before, at least for me, close to worthless. Can you PLEASE do this right?! Start with describing the tools. Thank you.
  9. Windows updated a few days ago. Since then, I cannot open Affinity Designer. It comes up with: An unhandled exception has occurred and the application cannot continue. The crash reporter will be displayed after the application exits. Code: 0x80131534 I'm using Windows 7.
  10. Affinity Designer shows up as super pixilated on my computer. Why is that? Any way to change it? Looks awful like some cheap, ancient version of a program.
  11. I really hate the black background of Affinity Designer. Is there a way to change that?
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