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  1. Problem solved. Here is what I did: Uninstall affinity Designer 1.7 from within the setup (not windows control Panel) With a third party registry tool, search for all registry keys containing "Affinity-Designer" and delete them all. Restart Install Designer 1.7 from the downloaded file. The app will say "Updating to 1.7" And voilá: Affiniy Designer starting up.
  2. Hi Callum, I tried this also. Windows asks me if I allow Designer to "realizae changes" on the computer (which I obviouslo do allow), but the same here: during a second or two the cursor shows the "wait"-icon, then nothing else happens. No Affinity Process in the Task manager, neither.
  3. I just updated to the latest 1.7 Version of Designer and now the program won't start up. Windows 7 Professional, all updates installed, everything else working flawless. Aero activated. Any hints to get the app running? I also have Photo (pre-update), which after the problem with 1.7 did not update yet. Downloaded 1.7, though. Yesterday purchased the publisher license; the Beta runs perfect.
  4. I am using it and it works very good. Up to now, I have no glitches or bugs to report. Would be helpful if you could add a torrent for distribution of the beta, at this moment the remaining download time, (due to server load, I assume), is three hours, apróx. Waiting for the commercial release to come out. Will buy. Three thumbs up!
  5. How can I draw a rectangle form by manually inputting dimensions (height, width) ? In illustrator, I selct my shape, click on the canvas and then can input horizontal and vertical sizes. To position the shape on the artboard, I input x and y values in the control panel. How is this done in affinity designer? I´ve been looking a lot but probably didn´t see the obvious?