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  1. We have all three and have no problem paying for them, we have little to no real need for Publsher itself, bought purely for the studio link feature to combine Designer and Photo features - the downside is if we want to use a third party photoshop plugin we still have to do > edit in Photo For mockups/ui design it definately needs a full presentation mode or some feature to help share designs with clients
  2. Glad I saw this same issue get a message 'error importing brushes' when trying to import Photoshop brushes
  3. Just a hunch and I'm not a plugin devloper so couldn;t say for sure, but it might be a good idea to make a copy of the .8bf in your photoshop plugins folders as the issue is there. I'm wondering when you update from v17 to v 18 if the Portrait Pro application is updated but the. 8bf is not updated.
  4. Yes, I think the same issue is there when youapply the 3D effect in Affinity also, altnough I'm not sure if there's a direct replacement for 3D effect in Photoshop? It seems similiar to bevel/emboss?
  5. I just purchased v18 of Portrait Pro Studio a few days ago for Windows - I sent a report request to Anthropics and asked for the v17 installer as v18 does not work as plugin inside Afinnity Photo. Their reply was simple 'we do not support Affinity Photo'. Shame as I understand it both companies are based in England too and I am sure that Photoshop is going to haemorrhage customers right, left and center over the next few years as Photoshop is looking like a dinosaur and Adobe is not exactly customer friendly. BTW, Are you on Windows or Mac ?
  6. The bevel/emboss effect is causing all live editable effects to be lost and layer to be rasterised when exporting to PSD with the 'maintain editability' setting Using latest version of Photo on Windows 10 Designer seems to have the same issue.
  7. When applying a bevel/emboss effect and exporting to PSD with the 'maintain editablility' setting, the live effects are lost in the saved PSD.
  8. Ok, after trial and error I have worked out that the bevel/emboss effect in Affinity results in exported PSD with 'maintain editability' setting to be rasterised. Strangley though if I create a file in Photoshop and use apply the bevel/emboss effect to a layer or shape for example then save to PSD, when I open the PSD in Affinity it includes the editable bevel/emboss effect.
  9. When exporting from Affinity Photo to PSD format with the maintain editability option checked, everything gets rasterized and fills, borders, non-destructive effects are all lost ... Yet I can open a PSD created in Photoshop in Affinity Photo and all the effects and editablility are retained? Thanks
  10. It would be very useful and intuiitive to have resize handles on a marquee selection, I appreciate the transform panel gives a precise resize option, but dragging to resize can be more helpful depending on what you are working with and trying to achieve.
  11. .... Just to add also, as a long-time Fireworks user, you can't underestimate how useful these option are in Fireworks, especially if you're creating mockups: Crops selected bitmap (crops the slection only and doesn't affect canavs size) Crop document (crops canvas to the selection) Trim canvas (similair to crop document) Fit canvas (resizes canvas to fit all layers, including objects outside of the document area) Used these a zillion times over the years - so simple, yet really useful. Something to think about for Photo and Designer maybe?
  12. I've just been playing aorund with Affinity Photo and to me the crop tools is a bit unintuitive - Once I have cropped I have already decided how and which area to crop and the idea of accidently dragging the cropped image area is a bit weird. The only thing I can see is the raterize and trim option in the layers panel. Compard to the tools I'm used to I do find it confusing. No, I don't want to use the marquee tool either ...
  13. Hello, Forgive me if any of these are already in Designer, is it possible or are there plans to add: 1) Full screen presentation mode for presenting mockups to clients 2) Pages - I know we have artboards - but we're old school and still like pages :) 3) Add hyperlinks so when in presentation mode we can use basic linking to click between different pages or artboards.
  14. This is our thoughts, we're mainly concerend with UI/UX/Web/Mobile design, layouts, mockups, components - so not necessarily really integrated design/graphoc design but speed of workflow without sacrificing quaity is key for us. I am personally an OLD Fireworks user These are some of things from expereience we think would be a step forward for our use: Deigner and Photo - No live preview in export persona, without a live preview the Export Persona feature is crippled in our opinion. Photo - (Flood Select Tool) - Add a live marquee option that automatically updates the selection
  15. +1 for this - the export persona looks so good until you realise there's no live preview which in effect cripples it.
  16. You could buy a copy of of Publisher & get most of Designer & Photo integrated with the personas . I'm the same as you and would like to see the same or even better a full integration of Designer & Photo which I'm told isn't likely to happen. As a long time user of Fireworks I just like everything in one single app, whilst I appreciate Fireworks is nowhere near Photo in terms of bitmap editing.
  17. Hello - ...I thiink it would be useful to have some more gradient options ... Satin is a must imo and one or two more graident options like folds and starburst would come in useful occassionally .....
  18. You make it sound like I've posted 100s of threads - NOT THE CASE - one of which is a reply to somebody else anyway As a fully paid up owner of licensed copies of Publisher, Photo & Designer I am entitled to give my opinion - IF YOU DON NOT LIKE MY OPINION THEN THAT IS JUST TOUGH!!! I'd say the only person here with a BIG PROBLEM is YOU - as you seemed to be FOLLOWING ME around the forums like a TROLL Might I suggest YOU NEED TO GET A LIFE!!! Won' be back here to reply again I have BETTER THINGS TO DO than WASTE MY BREATH ON YOU - YOU ARE INSIGNIFICANT TO ME but I see
  19. Its NOT little, we were told Photo and Designer would be integrated ... in fact its not a COMPLETE integration - so therefore it was misleading. Whats YOUR PROBLEM? Are you an Affinity developer or just some busy-body who doesn't like people giving honest feedback?????? I suggest you get another hobby rather than lurking on these forums moaning about honest opinions that can ACTUALLY make a difference. I'll come back in a few months to see if Affinity have sorted this out - in the meantime I'll continue using Adobe Fiireworks and occassionally Photoshop. And yes, I'll continue w
  20. its called freedom of speech and feedback - if you don't like it or you don't like honest opinions, I suggest YOU go somewhere else OR GROW UP
  21. this sucks - I was very dissapointed - I have no real need for publisher at all, but purchased it to get what I thought was a full designer and photo integrated expereience.
  22. Are we going to get the same seamless integration in Photo and Designer that has been done with Publisher - I just want the FULL feature set of both Photo and Designer in one app. In its current state the integration in Publisher with Photo and Design Personas is still missing some features, for example NO Photoshop Plugins in Photo Persona, its frustrating.
  23. FTA of the dev team - the plugin Digital Film Tools does NOT work - returns an error 'channelports not available' then Affinity Photo becomes unresponsive and has to be force closed Tested in Photo Beta on Windows 10
  24. I think you misunderstood me ... I know that, but its just remarkably annoying that I can update existing symbols in Affinity Photo or in photo persona but the symbols panel is not available in Photo or Photo Persona mode, so i have to switch back to Designer or Design Persona in Publisher to create a new symbol. I just want ALL THE FEATURES of Photo and Designer in ONE app without doing round trips or having to switch modes ... I just don't undestand why Affinity does this. The integration in Publisher with Photo and Desginer for example is not a complete integration as anticipated, som
  25. This is where all the confusion is though - I have Publisher, Photo and Designer - I can switch between design and photo personas inside Publisher, I can create a symbol in design persona and update it and all instances of the synbol in photo persona mode but I have to switch back to design persona if I want to create a new symbol . I do not know the the exact reason for doing this and whether Affinity are worried about sales figure being affected if the crossover features are too many in each app. We would not have a problem with paying significantly more than the current price for pur
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