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  1. Yes I know about the shear tool - the lack of a simple perspective tool in Designer like the one in Photoshop is a problem - In Adobe Fireworks its called the 'skew' tool and it combines both shear and perspective functionality. Its a frequently used tool and it should be in Designer, hopefully it won't be too long before its added ...
  2. What are the workarounds ? I can use perspective grid in Photo but it rasterizes. A simple perspective tool (called skew tool in Fireworks) is missing. I worked out a trick with the node tool that can be used on vectors to do the equivelant of the pespective tool in Photoshop - not sure about text and if I want to do the same on a bitmap I have to switch to Photo and use Perspectibe grid as far as I can see?
  3. Unfortuntelay there seems to be a culture on these forums of making silly comments and general rudeness to a simple question or feature request - so if people insist on posting sarcastic replies with rude undertones then I will reply in the same manner ... I have experienced many time rudness and an ''attitude' on these forums, so the idea you are all polite on here is a nonsense .... I'll leave you to your little clique, it seems you have a very blinkered opinion
  4. I am simply asking the question if there is any chance the Photo Persona will inlcude support for Thirdy Part Photoshop Plugins in the future as it would come in very handy instead of having to do round trips with edit on Photo ... I've no idea what the point of any of your answers (if you can call them that) or comments are for ... You're wasting your energy, unless you are part of the Affinity Deve team and you know whats going on and would stop embarressing yourself ....
  5. Hello - is there no way to make the perspective tool behave like the transform > perspective tool in Photoshop? I thought maybe I would be able to hold shift and drag a corner for something similiar but it doesn't work?
  6. We know that - and it defeats the object of Studio Link i.e. not having to do roundtrips
  7. Is there any chnace in the future that Studio Link might include Photoshop Plugins in the Photo Persona?
  8. Hi, This has been discussed elsewhere on the forums but I'm posting it here as I'm pretty sure it falls under the category of a bug. When using the guide manager with artboards its not possible to change the margins. I believe this has been fixed in the Mac version of Designer but it still seems to be problem in Windows versions. Designer version: Thanks
  9. +1 to be able to double click the page name in the pages panel and enter custom page name would be good - like you can do in Adobe Fireworks.
  10. Hi Mark - you're on Mac I see... so it looks like its been fixed for Mac version but on Windows version of Designer 1.7.2 I still can't set margins
  11. +1 ... need to be able to change the default color of regular guides ....
  12. I'm looking at the date of some of these posts and I'm still seeing this same issue in the latest version of Affinity Designer, is there any way round this other than having to create guides manually which is a real pain
  13. Hi - anyone found a solution for this I'm experiencing this issue in the latest 1.7.2 .471 Windows version of Designer?
  14. When creating multiple artboards it seems if I want to use the guides manager, the margins are controlled in the document set up and I can set margins unique to each artboard? Is there any wat to set varying margins on multiple artboards when setting up gudes?
  15. Hello - I just sent file - just a simple rectangle with bitmap fill exported to SVG format from Affinity Designer. Try importing into Figma and you'll see the issue - Yers you can rasterize everthing but that defeats the object of being able to do any minir tweaks once a design is imported into Figma or if you are sharing with a clinet they will likely ask for a small tweak on the spot so retaining maximum editability is a must.
  16. Quick update for cleaner import of SVGs exported from designer into Figma make sure 'flatten transforms' and 'use tile patterns' are checked in SVG export settings - seems to result in a much tidier affair when importing into Figma although and bitmap fills are still lost
  17. This is just a small thing, but it irritates the hell out of me When I select a shape for example and go to the fill options there's no bitmap fill option only solid or gradient fill options, so if I want bitmap fill, I then have to go to the tools select the fill tool or use the shortcut key and then go back to the context toolbar fill options. Why is it done like that, is there a reason - it just seems counter-intuitive even though its just the smallest of things...
  18. I've been doing some testing today and there's quite a loing way to go to get full interpolation between Affinity Designer and Figma. A few things I noticed (assuming there isn't a setting I've overlooked): Affinity Designer outputs rectangles to SVG as paths - if outputted as <rect> you can use attribute rx to specifiy rounded corners. In theory that should make it easier to retain rounded corner editability and import into Figma as a rectangle which would be very handy. If you import an SVG into Figma exported from Affinity Designer that includes shapes or vectors with
  19. Hello, Anyone got any experience of importing SVGs from Designer into Figma or using copy and paste from Designer to Figma? I can import a mockup created in designer into Figma with drag and drop, the only problem I have encountered is I seem lose pattern (bitmap) fills. Anyone know if is possible to retain pattern fills wehn importinn the SVG into Figma? In Designer preferences I have 'copy as SVG' selected but when I copy and paste from Designer to Figma everything is pasted as a bitmap. Thanks
  20. I personally think this would be a great idea - Figma is getting a lot of attention and some kind of collaberation between Affinity and Figma or the abiltiy to import designer files into figma and retain as much editability as possible would be brilliant. Also I think both Figma and Affinity would benefit.
  21. All these 'solutions' are workarounds - can the Affinity Designer devs please just look at Adobe Fireworks, these may seem like trivial thiings buts its so infuriating when these little things are made difficult. I've been playing aorund with Affinity Designer and aa long time user of Fireworks the lack of some simple functions to crop and resize canvas is frustrating. In Fireworks: edit > crop document (crops document to current selection) modify > canvas > trim canvas (trims canvas to all objects modify > canvas > fit canvas (fits canvas to all objects - us
  22. Can anyone share the v17 installer? I bought Portrait Pro Studio v18 - obviously doesn't work in Affinity Photo and have found Anthropics to not be very helpful (they haven't replied as of yet to my request for the v17 installer) and when I login to my account I only have the option of downloading v18. Thanks
  23. why is there not a simple perspective tool for quickly creating symetrical perspective like the option in Photoshop > Transform > Perspective .... These solutions seem to make simple tasks much harder and more time consuming or am I missing something?
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