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  1. szirtesi

    Tone mapping is extremly slow

    Hi Chris, it's a Samsung PRO EVO 840 SSD (512 GB). I've tried to play with the FirePro settings (OpenGL, etc.), but I've got same results. Ca. 20-25 sec. But If your iMac opens it in 20 sec too (DELL T3610 is from 2013 too), maybe it's not a big issue. But it would be better, when Affinity Photo tone mapping persona would preocess quicker, like Nik HDR. Laszlo
  2. szirtesi

    Tone mapping is extremly slow

    This sample image is processed in ca. 25 seconds. Develop, liquify, etc. work well and quick. (For example: Google HDR Efex plugin process time is ca. 10 sec., Photomatix tone mapping plugin process time is ca. 5 sec. in case of the uploaded 25 MP image.)
  3. szirtesi

    Tone mapping is extremly slow

    Done, I've uploaded a sample.
  4. Hi, I use a DELL T3610 workstation with Intel Xeon E5 @3.5 GHz 32 GB RAM, Win 10 with AMD FirePro W8100. The loading time of a 25 MP JPEG image into Tone Mapping Persona seems very slow. It's about 30-45 sec. I think, it's a performace issue. (If I switch to Develop Persona, it's 1 sec.) Laszlo
  5. In Affinity Photo for Windows would be fine to assign shortcuts to (Photoshop) plugins.