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  1. @carl123 and thank you for that. So now that you understand what I would like to achieve. How would I go about doing it without duplicating objects
  2. @carl123 fair, but I said that more in the spirit of a minimum working example
  3. @carl123but I have to copy the objects for that to work? Seems expensive if the layers / file is large
  4. @carl123 I want to set up the export profile so I can export several version of the document (just like you can export all slices at once). However, instead of slices I want to specify layers to hide / show in each export. @joachim yeah how is that different than toggling the layers and just exporting the doc?
  5. Suppose I have a simple project (.afdesign / .afphoto) with three layers or objects (here a circle, square and triangle). Is there a way for me to set up an export profile where I can export every pair of two individually? (e.g. export only circle + square, square + triangle, triangle + circle). If yes can I also, if possible, somehow alter the order of the layers when they are exported? e.g. maybe export circle above square and then square above circle?
  6. thanks @haakoo. Is there any way to make this more reusable, e.g. can I export it to PS? Also why do I have to do it with a document? that seems like a major hack.
  7. @RNKLNthen how did you do the skewed transformation? Because the first video you linked explicitily rasterizes
  8. @RNKLN so just dragging and dropping an image has a similar effect (it is imported as a photo, not a pixel layer). However the image is flat. The technique you linked above _rasterizes_ the image. Thus the transformations are lost because you go from image to raster.
  9. Also, if I save photo with the live projection on (so I don't have to remake the plane), I can't export the whole image so not ideal
  10. @RNKLN yes and no. Does it show me how to do what I want? Kind of. However it isn't reusable. After selecting the live projection plane, I have to: 1. adjust my image to stretch it as it appears in the plane (which requires rasterization) 2. merge the rasterized image down on top of the plane 3. then exit live project mode. I want something that I can just upload my image and then all of those steps are auto applied.
  11. Lets say I want to take the below image, and use it to create a "mock up" file. First, let me clarify what I mean by "mock up" file. I want a file, where I can just import a photo (assuming size is correct) and it will appear positioned correctly on the tiny easel below (where the canvas is). How would I go about doing this? Using just skews on the y and x of a rectangle do not directly line up, and if I used the perspective tool the rectangle is rasterized into a pixel layer.
  12. I find the whole "mobile" version very unstable. It crashes a lot... and sometimes has weird bugs e.g. when dragging the eyedropper to pick a color sometimes the circle that shows what color you are selecting remains, and I end up with 5-7 overlays of these things just clogging my workspace.
  13. @chrisbiPad and while I got you here, the file syncing with iCloud is pretty... uh... bad.
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