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  1. Brush tool sharing "no tips shared" I don't know what kind of person ikes their erasure to always be the same size as their brush but I dont. So I tried to disable this behavior and yet, brush sizes are still synced. Please fix
  2. @MEBI have the latest version and am in UI Dark mode yet it is blinding....
  3. @carl123 and thank you for that. So now that you understand what I would like to achieve. How would I go about doing it without duplicating objects
  4. @carl123but I have to copy the objects for that to work? Seems expensive if the layers / file is large
  5. @carl123 I want to set up the export profile so I can export several version of the document (just like you can export all slices at once). However, instead of slices I want to specify layers to hide / show in each export. @joachim yeah how is that different than toggling the layers and just exporting the doc?
  6. Suppose I have a simple project (.afdesign / .afphoto) with three layers or objects (here a circle, square and triangle). Is there a way for me to set up an export profile where I can export every pair of two individually? (e.g. export only circle + square, square + triangle, triangle + circle). If yes can I also, if possible, somehow alter the order of the layers when they are exported? e.g. maybe export circle above square and then square above circle?
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