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  1. @firstdefence yes, but I can't click to get there. Have to start in layers panel
  2. @firstdefence Thank you very much. Ah I had to click the mask. I was hoping I could just get there by hot keys (e.g. `T` to Art Text, click on my text-masked texture, and then like any other text box click (to set cursor) and edit the text that way. Not move all the way over to layers panel and click the mask!
  3. @firstdefenceI have tried both. Hot key T for Art text (this lets me select the mask but nothing else) or hot key T again (toggle to text frame)
  4. So here I have a simplified example. I have a background and two layers. How do I: 1. automatically export each layer I want (in this case Layer1 and Layer2, but it might be a subset of all topmost layers) independent (with all non selected layers non-visible) with the background 2. do this all at once?
  5. @firstdefence I can select the text mask, but I can not edit the text. I just end up making new "Art text" or new "Textbox" instead
  6. @JimmyJack I have a follow up. Suppose I have some text (either Textbox, Art-Text or a group of either). I have the same texture as before. I use the text as a mask (e.g. as you did above). Is there a way to edit that text (e.g. hot key t and change what it says) while it is still working as a mask? Or do I always have to unmask, edit, remask?
  7. @JimmyJackcan you upload that file so I can look at it and learn from it. Not sure exactly what everything you said means, e.g. lock children / bitmap
  8. @>|< that is a workable solution, but I still have to copy paste everywhere .
  9. sumneuron

    Copying Symbol from one Document into an other

    @walt.farrell parts of the symbol will be lost, and if the symbol has the same name as another symbol in the document already, it can mess up the previous symbol. Also these symbols don't get added to the symbol panel so that is super annoying
  10. @R C-R I appreciate the input but your answer isn't really the answer. The answer I guess is that Affinity doesn't work the way I want it to. How do I want Affinity to work? Double clicking drills down. Single click selects. If I click on an object, it selects the parent be it group or layer. double click picks the first child containing that object, double click again continues to drill down. This is how groups work and how layers should work. Honestly it seems like groups are stronger than layers and layers are just there for people who come from photoshop? but I am new to this and could just be frustrated and ignorant
  11. @BobsDaubs thanks for the reply, but no. Again, the key to this question is that many different groups, layers, curves all share the same clipping mask. These groups, layers and curves may be siblings in the same layer, children of different parents, etc.
  12. sumneuron

    Copying Symbol from one Document into an other

    @walt.farrell @>|< yes, I would like have a document "symbol library" and in that file, define some symbols (e.g. texture, logo, etc). All these symbols are linked in the document. Export these symbols not as assets, but as symbols. When I import this symbol library into a new document, it just recreates these symbols in the symbol pane (i.e. updating a symbol in one document doesn't update it everywhere). Copy and pasting symbols can create sync issues. This resolves that.
  13. also I am having weird syncing issues, where if I make a symbol which uses another symbol, then things break
  14. sumneuron

    Copying Symbol from one Document into an other

    @Chris Bhey its over a year and this is still an issue. Assets are reusable, but static. Symbols can be dynamic, but are locked to a project (which makes sense to some degree); however, symbols should be export / importable.