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  1. Zaphod.Beeblebrox

    Edit equirectangular pictures (spherical panoramas)

    Cool, another point on the "pros" side....
  2. I often need to edit full spherical panos, specially in the zenith and nadir, but also small changes everywhere else. Especially in the zenith and nadir you need to concert the file into cube faces or similar otherwise you cannot cope with the distortion. Same is when you need to edit on the right and left edges of the flat picture. It would be very handsome if there would be a panorama viewer available where direct editing and retouching of such a file would be possible.
  3. Wanting to center an object (e.g. overlay picture). In AP I need to use alignment on both, horizontal and vertical position after each other. Would love to have a center option added. Or even a "9 Options Selector": Upper left Upper middle Upper right Middle left Center Middle right Lower left Lower middle Lower right
  4. I am missing the chance to key in numerical values when changing the size of a selection or object (it is just shown as a small box when dragging the size with the mouse). In addition there should be a button to fix aspect ratio and probably different selections as to use %, pixels for values.
  5. Add more context sensitive menus with right click: - combine layers - fill selection - perspective distortion of a selection - etc.
  6. It would be great to have certain tools e.g. export/save to memorize settings such as - file type - quality setting for jpg Very often I retouch a jpg and just want the changed file to overwrite the existing with the same quality settings as the original - add overwrite instead of need to use export function