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  1. Case 1 - Create new document - Type - Print - Resize Image - Resizing Dialog - Change DPI Values The according millimeter values won't displayed - if you click resample values in Millimeter also won't follow the new DPI settings Case 2 - Open an image - Resize Image - Resizing Dialog - Set units to Millimeter or Centimeters - Cange DPI Values - millimeter values won't follow accordingly / so click resample / now milimeter values will be adjusted - click Ok / resize - open the resizing dialog again - change DPI values The according millimeter values won't displayed - if you click resample values in Millimeter also won't follow the new DPI settings If you work in Pixel all is working fine and values are changing accordingly -> please fix this for Centimeters, Millimeters and the other units.
  2. There is a huge difference between the scaling results. I hope Affinity will follow Krita's example. At the moment the poorly elaborated resizing dialog and scaling functions are the biggest barriers to use Affinity Photo for professional work. I own Affinity Designer but at the moment I am a little assailed by doubts wether the Photo Application will also replace Photoshop on Windows. I hope Affinity is aware of the importance of these essential functions.
  3. Hi vin31cer, The whole resizing dialog / function is still a construction site, not fully equipped, and for us beta-testers an adventure-game ;). Currently resizing images is very shaky...
  4. Hi MEB, this Bug persists in --> https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/28512-distortion-resize-problem-not-fixed-in-15037-for-afphoto/
  5. If I open many images (20) - Tabs are not scrollable and not selectable for closing. You can select hidden Images via the double arrowheads top right but for the selected hidden image the Tab is not shown and so you can't close it fast via the Tabs x icon.
  6. Hi Jon P, Meanwhile I think the problem refers more to this thread https://forum.affinity.serif.com/index.php?/topic/29119-document-resize-not-working-correctly/ Set Centimeters, change the DPI value, set a new Centimeter value in the left Box -> this results in a funny value in the right Box -> if you click apply the image will be distorted. This also occurs to other file-formats JPG, PNG... but in some cases the Bug doesn't occur...
  7. Hi jorismak, the difference in deed is significant. Affinity Bicubic looks a bit stuttering .
  8. The same in Centimeter- and other units. In some cases if I type in customized values in all fields and toogle the resample box the image will be distorted too. I have tried to find a replicable procedure but for me this problem happens against expectation. Unfortunately this Bug is so essential for my workflow that I can't do the next step forward to delve into other great features of AP at that stage.
  9. Ahhh learned something, thanks Sean P everthing was imported
  10. I want to import the DAUB brushes. This is only possible for the Daub-Inkers. The other DAUB bushes can not be imported.
  11. Hi Felonius, can't confirm this under Windows 10, GTX 670, will try it tomorrow on my Win 7 PC
  12. Hmm, I am afraid there are some major problems. Opened a JPG -> resized and resampled it from 300 DPI to 144 DPI -> the Pixel Values boxes are showing comma! values. So after clicking apply the image looks terrible. Then I simply click save (Menu). I opened the saved file. The values are the old values from the original file (300 DPI), but the measurements are the new ones (144 DPI).
  13. In my case changing DPI values with resample unticked the centimeter values don't accordingly follow if i toggle the resample box when a afphoto document is loaded. I have to close the resize dialogue first and reopen the resize dialogue again. Then the new values for the new DPI settings are shown. There is no problem if I change values an then save the file and reopen it - the problem is only that the values don't accordingly follow if I toggle the resample box. So I have to close and reopen the resize dialogue to see the new values. With a JPG file the centimeter values follow accordingly if I change the DPI settings and toggle the resample box.
  14. Image format .afphoto -> Resizing dialogue: If I change the centimeter values in the left Box the values in the right Box are incorrect and the Image will be distorted. This Bug was only fixed for other fileformats - not for .afphoto.
  15. Same here - but not in each and every case. No problem with "save as" - so far.
  16. I resize a PNG without resample ticked. If I switch between some DPI values the Centimeter values follow accordingly if I tick resample on and off. So this problem was fixed. But if I save this document/picture as .afphoto and reopen it the centimeter values stay cemented if I change the DPI values.
  17. Thank you MEB, well, it is a workaround, but I'm hoping for an update of the resize document dialogue, because it's sooo essential for professional users. Evaluating the image for its print size is usually the very first step. I have tried your suggestion but it seems there also is a mega-bug in the windows-beta version. If I change the values in centimeters in the left upper box the right centimeters value box shows only funny values. If I click apply the picture is distorted to a line.
  18. For me DPI resizing of an image without the resample option ticked is very essential to determine its print size. But resizing an Image in the "resize document" dialogue in DPI without the resample option ticked doens't affect the values in the upper boxes (cm, Inches,...) during changing the DPI values. So I cannot see how a value change from 72 DPI to 300 DPI affects a document in centimeters. First I must apply my changes and then I have to reopen the resize document dialogue to see the new values. So the document resize dialogue in its present form is not very useful.
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