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  1. Hello, On my current project, I am attempting to remain Affinity software as much as possible, however, I ran into another task where I am glad I kept that copy of PS CS6 installed. In this current attachment, you'll see another example of why a "puppet" warp-like feature would be very valuable for solving design tasks like these. Please consider adding this feature to the roadmap or a similar "pins/tacks" to the liquify… this would be faster and more predictable than dealing with the whole thaw/freeze brushing operation. Thank you.
  2. Hello, This could already be a known issue, but it seems that when using the gradient tool and choosing the "bitmap" type of fill in the dropdown to select and image, upon import the app consistently crashes. Thank you.
  3. I've also noticed that some dashed/dotted lines and other custom special borders are missing from PDFs generated with InDesign when opened with Affinity software.
  4. I enjoyed reading the points made above regarding Photo's development, figured I'd share some of my thoughts on this… Raw number in years of development cannot be compared apples to apples with Adobe's considering the resources vary quite differently between them and Serif, all the more reason buying Affinity software with your supporting dollars helps every little bit level that playing field even against a behemoth like PS. This will also continue capturing the attention of the news and creative blogs that helps gather even more exposure and awareness of this great software. Personally I th
  5. Hello, One feature request and one usability suggestion for the crop tool in Photo. 1) When cropping with the tool, I often change my mind and revisit cropping multiple times during a project, I've grown very used to using the escape key for just about everything with Photo (as the deselect command+D is still inconsistent too with vectors), yes you can press 'cancel' to exit operation, and I found pressing a tool shortcut or clicking on a tool will also cancel crop command, why can't escape key also work? Seems to work for everything else? Less mousing, the better, I always say. :)
  6. Hello, With the latest Photo beta, for one, it can be slightly irksome, that I cannot drag an adjustment filter (levels in this example) out of a layer to "release" it. However, releasing an adjustment layer using the the context menu "Release Adjustment" is working fine. But why does this suggest that to also do this "command+R" is an option… this doesn't work because the key shortcut is already reserved for the show/hide ruler? Thanks!
  7. Hello, I was creating of set of cartoon clouds in Designer using the non-destructive object merge feature (awesome! and a huge time saver), however after a number of them were produced, I wanted to keep the "pressure" outline effect on them, however I did not want all of them to look the same to maintain the freehand look. With all the time-saving features in Designer, I hit a speedbump when it came to adding the pressure with the curves adding nodes in the palette as I had to select every cloud individually to "randomize" them manually. I would guess 99% of the time manual tweak is p
  8. Hello… I have often worked on documents with PS that are of very long (and narrow) format, when zoomed in, I find it useful to tap the "home" key to quickly bring me to the top of the document and vice versa with the "end" key for the bottom. Also great when assigned a dedicated key for graphic tablets. I realize this may sound rather silly as the Affinity programs already have various methods to navigate a document, but after giving it some thought, why leave out a basic option as the keys are already available on every keyboard? Would this be difficult to implement? At the moment
  9. Thank you Hokusai, Suppose I shouldn't be surprised that other users have requested this ability to be added too. It's one of those seemingly simple functions all of us artists take for granted from other applications, but becomes apparent when it's not there.
  10. Hello Affinity team, I cannot tell if this is by design or just an oversight in regards to Designer and Photo… I am unable to add any guides to the document while any tool is selected other than the black arrow move tool. While working and wanting to quickly throw in a guideline, I find it to be an interruption to have to switch a tool just to add a guide to a specific location, I feel like it should always be available to drag onto the canvas at (well, almost) anytime. If a tool other than the black arrow is selected, the ability to add guides does work using the guide manage
  11. Hello, It seems that attempting to delete multiple selected layers does nothing while a selection marquee is active, when unselecting the marquee, the additional layers are then removed as expected when clicking on the trash icon. This as far as I know only seems to happen with images that are: 1) opened directly (tested with JPGs) with file>open or dragging in from the Finder, 2) creating duplicates of that same layer 3) then creating a selection marquee 4) selecting multiple layers 5) clicking the trash icon 6) no response, layers still remain 7) desel
  12. Hello, I've noticed for example that when importing colours and using list view, the names of the swatches are presented nicely, however when scrolling through a very long list of swatches and one does not remember the list order for specific colors, it's quite a chore to scroll up and down long lengths. Would you consider also introducing a "search" box so one can simply type the swatch name they are seeking? Thank you.
  13. +1 I use bitmap mode files for the frequent signatures files we use on our campaigns for marketing letters!
  14. Hello, I originally asked for this on the general Photo thread, but this request is more appropriate here. I love the pixel@dpi information that appears on the top left of the tool bar area when selecting a bitmap object, however I noticed that it's lacking native "percentage" size information to help the user know approximately how much the image has been resized since bitmap object import from its the original scale, which would be more useful than just displaying current dpi/pixel size, so alongside it if it said something like 48%, etc. Also it would be really great if th
  15. initially I also would've preferred that layer palette layout too… however I like that you can select your specific layers (command+click) and click on the lock icon for multiple locks/unlocks at the same time, works with layer visibility and deletions too. With the lock icon where it's positioned suggests a more universal approach for simultaneous control… individual lock icons per layer could deter some artists from trying it as described above. Just a thought. :)
  16. Hello, Amazed by how the betas for Designer and Photo are coming along, Serif really has some talented developers on their hands. While I enjoy the powerful features of the layers palette, especially the clicking of the thumbnail to auto zoom to the objects, or by context-clicking to find object in layer… we know how a very involved project can quickly get very complex and navigating the layers palette on those files not so fun. May I suggest adding the ability to hold a key (option or control?) while clicking the visibility checkbox to show/hide all other layers not currently sel
  17. How about a feature that's seen on some software (including most adobe apps)… where as clicking on a field name with a box next to it for inputting values will auto select the preset values so that the user can quickly input their desired values. For now the user has to manually mouse over into the field and highlight the text to delete/input the numbers, The attached screenshot should demonstrate what I mean. Thank you and keep up the great work Affinity Designer looks VERY promising!
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