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    possible release date

    I think that we should receive this program in the final version for Christmas.
  2. I am even ready to pay extra for the Serif programs to be even better. I am glad that I can participate in testing the Beta version, and not stand before the ready program and acknowledge that it is bad.
  3. And yet the requests helped. Thank you very much.
  4. In Affinity, you can not convert artistic text to text in a frame. You can do it without any problems in CorelDraw. Also the text in the frame can be converted to artistic text. It is very useful and I often use this function in my everyday work while designing business cards, leaflets, etc. I hope that this function will be added soon in Affinity.
  5. I was wondering. Are Affinity programs made for dwarfs? The most important elements to support the program, eg fonts of layer panels or fill color icons and borders are now in the new beta version so small that you have to try hard to see them or hit them. I am afraid that Serif will not improve these ailments repeatedly reported by Windows users. They stubbornly do so despite the opposition of users. A lot of cool things have been added and are still being added, but some of the robot is backing away, stepping forward and stepping back. I really use Affinity Designer every day for work and I would like to continue to use more power. I work and design also for most of the day in CorelDraw version 20. I bought this new program for two positions, and I have been working on CorelDraw since 1990 since version 3. I paid $ 432 for 1 program while waiting for the revisions and new Affinity Beta versions. I would like to pay more for Affinity programs so that they will not be spoiled in the meantime. For now, I use Affinity software for graphic design but unfortunately I do not work with laser and CNC cutting machines, so I have to use CorelDraw . Please Serif give your bank account number if you need it, I will pay more, to be able to continue your great product, without any fatal changes. I was a little angry, but whatever. Translated by Google.
  6. And just as large as when editing the layer name, the font size in the layer panel should be displayed.
  7. It's about the font size only in the layer panel. All other fonts used to operate the program are correct. The previous versions of beta and 1.6 have plain fonts, you have unnecessarily changed it in version 1.7.0 251 Beta. By changing font size to 125% in windows 10 all the fonts in the program are enlarged, also by enlarging the panels, which causes the program to get clogged on the screen.
  8. My monitors in the company are: Samsung 23 inch monitor, 1920x1080 resolution, 100% scale, NVIDIA GeForce GT 640 graphics card, 60Hz refresh rate, bit depth 8 - bit, color format - RGB.
  9. 1101/5000 I am more and more upset with this small font in the layers panel. All day I worked today on leaflet and business card designs at Affinity Designer BETA and I'm hurting my eyes from staring at these tiny subtitles. At this point, the layer names are written in the smallest font located on the entire program screen. Just a layer panel is probably the most watched place on the screen, where the eyes are often focused to see the name of the layer. Until now, I did not have to go to the screen to see what was written there. Quite unnecessarily this font was changed by the Serif. I am now very discouraged by this change. I have the impression that the people who create the program do not work on this program in reality. Please, sit down at the computer running Affinity Designer and try to design something for eight hours. We'll see what will happen to your eyes. The program is cool, I've been working on it for three years. Please, Serif, do not spoil him, listen to people who want to work professionally and want to tell you what needs to be improved.
  10. Exactly, the font in the layer panel is now too small and unreadable compared to earlier versions of Beta and version 1.6. Please go back to the previous size or add the option to change the size of the font in the layer panel as you can now change the size of the thumbnails. Also, the thumbnails in the layer panel showing the text and text in the frame are now so small that for a moment I was wondering what it could be. And one more thing. Layer coloration is possible only when choosing 7 colors (faded colors), why only so much and why you can not create your own colors?

    Text Frame icon?

    The correct answer should be: This icon is because this function will soon be added to Designer.
  12. You are not the first person to ask for it. According to me, Serif should first try to refine the programs so that everything works and not only a bit works, and then it can take on more complicated functions. On a daily basis I work professionally on the Designer program, there are many functions that speed up the work, but also many things that are underdeveloped, which slow down the design. Really if you spend around 10 hours at work with the Designer program, it is just shortcomings that cause frustration. I am happy with everything from Affinity but I would like it to be even better.
  13. I work in a graphic company on a daily basis. Such large bleeds need, for example, when printing images on canvas (printed 5 cm drop is rolled under the bottom of the wooden frame on which the canvas is stretched, the side of the printed image is visible from the side) or for printing on the self-adhesive information boards (foil with a print drop of about 4 cm it is rolled under the bottom of the sheet). Thus, the bleed does not have to be only 2 or 3 mm, it can also be 3cm or more. And the Publisher makes an error when displaying these bleeds, because they overlap each other by covering the adjacent pages. Of course, I can do as Paul EC suggests, only then why are there bleeds? Most of the projects I do in CorelDraw and in Affinity Designer, when opening an Affinity file in which there are bleeds on Artboards in the Publisher also incorrectly display falls on overlapping. I use Google translator, so something can be twisted.
  14. If large bleeds are set, for example, around the A4 card, 5 cm, the falls overlap on the following pages. Sometimes there is a need to create such large bleeds, but they are displayed so that you can not design freely. In my opinion, subsequent pages with such large bleeds should automatically move away from each other so that the bleeds do not overlap.
  15. This worked in the earlier version of Beta, actually in version, the bleeds from the Designer file are not displayed.
  16. I demand this function (identically as in CorelDraw): double-clicking a rectangle icon creates a new rectangle around the selected work area with identical dimensions as this work area. On the other hand, double clicking the rectangle + Shift icon creates a rectangle around the bleed of the selected workspace. It would be very fast it's a workflow. At the moment I have to manually create a rectangle with the appropriate size of the workspace, which is very tedious if such work is done hundreds of times a day while working on the Affinity Designer program.
  17. I hope that before the final issue of 1.7 Serif will make the spills in Affinity Designer work properly in Artboards, the guides will be able to pull out the lines using other tools, not just arrows, and the keyboard shortcuts from version 1.6 should work correctly (and unfortunately not works in version 1.7), not to mention the ends of the line (where these arrows?)
  18. Thanks for explanation. We are waiting for the next beta version, we hope that these amendments will be introduced.
  19. We have informed about this mistake from the very beginning of the Affinity Designer creation, so far it has not been repaired. In version 1.6 of the original and version Beta inclusive.
  20. Hi Sean P 1. After creating workspaces, items placed in bleeds are not displayed, even though the bleeds are running. (photo 4). However, when a new document is drawn, although the bleed option is selected, the elements are also not visible at the bleed location. You have to enter the View in the menu, deselect Show Bleed and check Show Bleed again, and then you will only see the elements in the place of the bleed. (Foto3). At Affinity Publisher, the bleeding works well. 2. Exactly Yes. 3. Keyboard shortcuts from version 1.6 Beta do not work in version 1.7 Beta. 4. Exactly Yes. Foto3 Foto4.
  21. 1. There is no bleeding in Artboards mode !!! 2. Do not pull the guides using tools other than the arrow 3. There is no Preview Mode preview button (as in Publisher) 4. You can not choose a new artboards mode for popular paper formats, for example A4, A3, A5 etc. !!!! 5. You can not set different bleeds on different Artboards in one document !!! 6. Does not import keyboard shortcuts from beta 1.6.5 !!!!! 7. Do not paste correctly copied Layer FX style effects !!!
  22. OK. I only mentioned those errors which were not further improved in this version. The others have been corrected and thank you very much for that. Regarding copied layer effects: I copy the shadow effect from rectangle No. 1 and paste the shadow effect into the remaining rectangles, I expected the same shadow parameters and yet it turns out that they are different.
  23. 1. There is no bleeding in Artboards mode!!! 2. Contour and pixel preview does not work. 3. Do not pull the guides using tools other than the arrow. 4. The colour picker does not work, it only shows the white color from the desktop.!!!! 5. There is no Preview Mode preview button (as in Publisher) 6. You can not choose a new artboards mode for popular paper formats, for example A4, A3, A5 etc.!!!! 7. Does not import keyboard shortcuts from beta 1.6.5!!!!! 8. Do not paste correctly copied Layer FX style effects!!! 9. Designer open a Publisher file's only last page. 10. Switching from AD to APhoto issue 11. You can not set different bleeds on different Artboards in one document !!!
  24. You can not create a keyboard shortcut for the colour picker tool in this version. In other Affinity programs, this can be done.