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  1. In Affinity, you can not convert artistic text to text in a frame. You can do it without any problems in CorelDraw. Also the text in the frame can be converted to artistic text. It is very useful and I often use this function in my everyday work while designing business cards, leaflets, etc. I hope that this function will be added soon in Affinity.
  2. I work in a graphic company on a daily basis. Such large bleeds need, for example, when printing images on canvas (printed 5 cm drop is rolled under the bottom of the wooden frame on which the canvas is stretched, the side of the printed image is visible from the side) or for printing on the self-adhesive information boards (foil with a print drop of about 4 cm it is rolled under the bottom of the sheet). Thus, the bleed does not have to be only 2 or 3 mm, it can also be 3cm or more. And the Publisher makes an error when displaying these bleeds, because they overlap each other by covering the adjacent pages. Of course, I can do as Paul EC suggests, only then why are there bleeds? Most of the projects I do in CorelDraw and in Affinity Designer, when opening an Affinity file in which there are bleeds on Artboards in the Publisher also incorrectly display falls on overlapping. I use Google translator, so something can be twisted.
  3. If large bleeds are set, for example, around the A4 card, 5 cm, the falls overlap on the following pages. Sometimes there is a need to create such large bleeds, but they are displayed so that you can not design freely. In my opinion, subsequent pages with such large bleeds should automatically move away from each other so that the bleeds do not overlap.
  4. This worked in the earlier version of Beta, actually in version, the bleeds from the Designer file are not displayed.
  5. I demand this function (identically as in CorelDraw): double-clicking a rectangle icon creates a new rectangle around the selected work area with identical dimensions as this work area. On the other hand, double clicking the rectangle + Shift icon creates a rectangle around the bleed of the selected workspace. It would be very fast it's a workflow. At the moment I have to manually create a rectangle with the appropriate size of the workspace, which is very tedious if such work is done hundreds of times a day while working on the Affinity Designer program.
  6. You can not create a keyboard shortcut for the colour picker tool in this version. In other Affinity programs, this can be done.


    I've already written about it, but nobody from the Serif company read this article.
  8. It is exactly as he writes R C-R. You just need to drag the guides from the bottom 1-2 pixels of the horizontal ruler. It interferes with work. 20180328_211910.mp4
  9. In affinity photo you can not create a shortcut to the Layer Effects panel.
  10. In affinity photo you can not create a shortcut to the Layer Effects panel.

    Stroke panel in Photo?

    That's right, but we want the Stroke panel to be displayed for the same time as in Designer.

    Stroke panel in Photo?

    Yes. Stroke panel is missing in Photo the panel in "View > Studio".
  13. I agree with Axisweb, I miss that too.

    Print Options

    I've already written about it, but without an answer from Serif, they do not have time for such small things.
  15. Affinity programs are getting better and better. I propose to streamline workflow to implement such small changes. 1. Separate the color probes for the contour and fill. 2. Add icons (new, open, print, export) 3. In the Wheel color palette, add to the displayed HSL values - CMYK, RGB and HEX values 4. Add a blue square at the highlighted point (it will be more visible). If you work all day on these programs really can make it easier to design. (I work on the design of signs, banners, business cards, flyers, invitations, graphic signs) And I'm still reminded of the idea of choosing a color for contour and fill. Thank you very much. Marek
  16. Exactly. 5. By right clicking on the size, it should display a frame with a selection of parameters (Pixels, Points, Inches ......) I would never expect that choosing units could be on the zoom tool options, it isn't very intuitive. Like someone has suggested before units choice should be possible by double cliking on the ruler (6).
  17. OKAY. Thank you very much, now you can do everything. Cheers
  18. Hello Still lack the capacity to set the line (stroke) width to 0,001 mm, ie the thickness of the hair, it is necessary to cooperate, eg. From the laser to cut out shapes. The thinnest line (stroke) to set terz in Designer is 0.1mm, too little.

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