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    jullit31 got a reaction from PanSpec in is Crop to selection possible   
    Well, technically that is of course true, but in that sense anything is non-destructive if you keep a copy of the original document... What I meant with destructive is that you can't just "Unclip Canvas".
    I also found a (destructive [by any definition]) workaround for macros: Create the selection you want to crop to > Invert Selection > Delete > Clip Canvas
    I've also made a macro that handles multi-layer documents.
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    jullit31 got a reaction from mondze in [Fixed] AD Text resizing and snapping   
    When resizing text, for some text frames, the resize handle snaps to something, like so:

    For other text frames, it snaps to something, a guide in this case, but actually isn't on the guide.

    Both cases are not what I would expect, which is the text frame snapping to i.e. the guide.
    Also the help description in the status bar doesn't match the actual behaviour: It says "Shift to preserve aspect ratio." when it should say "Shift to ignore aspect ratio."
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    jullit31 got a reaction from shushustorm in is Crop to selection possible   
    That is, imho, exactly what it should do.
    When creating a selection in an automated way (i.e. by selecting a Colour / Tonal / Alpha Range or by using the Flood Select Tool), being able to easily crop to said selection would be very useful.
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    jullit31 got a reaction from Tom Schülke in Brush rotation   
    The Rotation slider maxes out at 50%, wich is equivalent to 180°. Rotating further is possible by keying in a larger value, but you shouldn't have to do that. Also, the unit for a rotation should be degree, not percent.

    P.S. Sorry for sounding so negative in most of my posts, but aside from the stuff I'm complaining about, I think Photo is a great piece of software 
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    jullit31 got a reaction from AErrorbify in [Fixed] AP crashes upon opening a certain file   
    When I try to open a specific .afphoto file I get an Unhandeld Exception Code: 0xC0000005. I don't wish to post this file here, but I'll be happy to send it in a PM to someone from Serif.
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    jullit31 got a reaction from Ismaelchime in [Fixed] AP crashes upon opening a certain file   
    When I try to open a specific .afphoto file I get an Unhandeld Exception Code: 0xC0000005. I don't wish to post this file here, but I'll be happy to send it in a PM to someone from Serif.
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    jullit31 reacted to MattP in Zoom at 100% is different to other programs   
    Rafal - set your brush to not vary size with pressure and test your results - a 5px brush will generate a nozzle of 5px. When you apply pressure, we show pressure as a variance about the nominal size, so it will get larger than 5 or smaller than 5. The brush editor dialogue has blue variance markers shown around the width slider so you can clearly see that it will vary larger.
    We are in control of all stages and all quality/samplers in place. Everything can be modified and I will talk to Mark about what we will agree to do. I wrote the Mac version and I know why I think it is desirable to act as it does - but as I said earlier we could add a preference to pretend that the screen scaling is 100% and then it will act like the other software you are used to.
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    jullit31 reacted to MattP in Zoom at 100% is different to other programs   
    Can I ask a question... if you export an image and put it on a website and view it in a browser, what size does it appear on your screen? The same size as PhotoShop showed at 100% or the same size Affinity showed at 100%?
    Genuinely just asking because I know on Mac I'd expect it to be the same size shown in Affinity... Perhaps Windows has different conventions?
    The behaviour you're seeing in other programs is because 'retina' (high density) screens came about AFTER the software was written and the easiest way to adopt it is to simply ignore it... we did it the way it works in Affinity on purpose but if it's such an issue then there may be room for a preferences item to turn off the scaling-aware view...
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    jullit31 reacted to Lee3 in Crash 2nd time help is accessed   
    The program crashes the second time I try to access help.
    64 bit Windows 10
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    jullit31 got a reaction from MartinK in "Convert to text frame" not available in Affinity Photo   
    I fully agree. However I do see an issue with recommending to customers that they switch between two pieces of software to use a function that would make sense to be integrated into both (and is integrated into competing products), just for licencing reasons.
    That being said, I think DxO found a nice solution to this problem: They offer three pieces of software: OpticsPro (RAW developer), FilmPack (filters) and ViewPoint (perspective correction). All of those work as stand-alone applications, but when OpticsPro and any of the other two are installed on the same machine, their functionality gets seamlessly integrated into OpticsPro.
    This would, IMHO, also be a nice solution for AP and AD, as it would improve the experience for users and also be a new selling point.
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    jullit31 reacted to Michail in turning the Golden Spiral does not work   
    Crop Tool: The key shortcut Schift + O, for turning the Golden Spiral (overlay) does not work.
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    jullit31 reacted to IndigoMoon in ESC Key   
    Dear Serif Team,
    First of all I'ld like to congratulate you for a great work and a fantastic marketing! ;)
    I always had an eye on your products, but unfortunately never tried it. Now with the new Affinity line I'll give you a try.
    I'm testing since Monday AP and found many bugs, which most of them are already posted on the forum.
    One of them I couldn't find here - I often use the ESC key to cancel an action or a tool like the crop tool, mesh warp tool etc. or even a new selection (e.g. with a free hand selection tool).
    Unfortunately it doesn't work (eg. like in PS) and I hope this is just a bug and not a new feature. The ENTER key for apply works eg. for the crop tool, but not for other tools.
    Nevertheless AP is a great software and goes to the right direction, keep on going!! :)
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    jullit31 reacted to dougkerr in Change location of selection marquee as it is made   
    Greetings! I have just today began working with Affinity Photo (Windows), beta version My platform is Windows 7 Professional.
    I rarely use Photoshop. Most of my photo editing is done with the very old Picture Publisher, Version 10.
    In Picture Publisher, if I am making a selection marquee (which in that application is also a mask and also a crop frame), I use a mouse left-button drag in the familiar way. If, while making the marquee, I find I want its position (meaning the location of the corner other than the one I am dragging) to be different, I press and hold the right mouse button (in addition to keeping the left button pressed). Then the mouse movement moves the nascent marquee (while its size, for the moment, remains unchanged).
    This is an extremely convenient functionality.
    The very same functionality is available in CorelDraw (a vector illustration application).
    In Photoshop (I have "CS5"), there is a less convenient form of this same functionality. There, to shift to the "mouse changes position" mode while creating a selection marquee or cropping frame, I can press and hold the space bar.
    I have not been able to identify any corresponding functionality in Affinity Photo beta for either the selection marquee or the cropping frame.
    I would very much like to see this functionality available, preferably in the "right mouse button" form, but if not that, using some other gesture.
    And of course if it exists already, I would like to learn of that.
    Best regards,
    Doug Kerr
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    jullit31 reacted to sijo in Ctrl+Scrolling to zoom   
    Holding Ctrl+Scrolling back and forth one "notch" at a time makes zoom level to slightly decrease every time.
    Another thing i'd like to see is if Ctrl-Scrolling could snap to pixel-perfect resolutions. Now, it very often zooms to uneven numbers like 97%, making everything slightly blurry or other artifacts.
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    jullit31 reacted to roppp in [Multi] Zoom Value Adjusted for Windows scaling   
    But why is the zoom scale set to 100% when I use the menu entry for 1:1 ("View->Zoom->Pixelsize"; Strg+9)? It is not so consistent in my opinion. 
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    jullit31 reacted to tribor in Inpainting on Panoramas   
    Version: Beta
    Bugtype: Not working function
    After stitching a panorama you can choose to use the inpainting function. There is no indication after clicking on the inpainting button if the funtion has been activated or not. Furthermore after clicking on "Apply" no inpainting is been done on the missing parts of the panorama picture.
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    jullit31 reacted to Julian_K in crop overlay grid spiral shortcut is not 'O' on windows   
    When I was trying to figure out how to change the direction/placement of the golden spiral in the crop overlay grid I found out it is supposed to be 'shift' & 'O', but it isn't. O is dodge/burn.
    Went through all 'shift'&'*key' variations possible, but none seem to trigger the golden spiral.
    The I tried to find the option the preferences>keyboard shortcut menu, but couldn't. 
    Any hints how I can assign a shortcut to it?

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    jullit31 got a reaction from Imprex in Zoom at 100% is different to other programs   
    I also encountered the problem on my UHD monitor.
    Is this behaviour a bug or by design?
    I would expect any program to display an image at its actual size when set to 100%, regardless of Windows scaling. I totally agree with jorismak, this is weird.
    Apart from that, great job on Affinity Photo! Actually this beta is less buggy than the release of PhotoPlus X8, which is also pretty weird when you think about it  :rolleyes:
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    jullit31 reacted to Imprex in Zoom at 100% is different to other programs   
    100% in Affintity Photo seems to be rather appr. 150%, compared to other programs like Photoshop CS6, Fast Picture Viewer .......
    Please take a look at the screenshot. Affintiy Photo & PS CS6 at 100%
    Kind regards
    Windows 10/64 32GB
    Nvidea GTX970+Samsung UHD-Monitor (4K)

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