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  1. Frank Cook

    Issue with Printing from AFPub

    Some bank notes have security features built into their design to hinder their being scanned or printed. The problem could relate to such security features being detected by the printer. Frank
  2. I saved the PagePlusX9 file to PDF, and opened the PDF file in Affinity Publisher 1.7 0.128(Beta). I then printed the page on my Canon iP7200 series printer. The printed page showed all the line breaks as a box with a dashed outline containing the letters L SEP. The printer has never done anything like this when printing from programs other than Affinity Publisher. The following are attached - the PagePlus file The PDF file The Affinity Publisher file A JPG scan of the printed output Frank line-break-test.afpub line-break-test.pdf line-break-test.ppp
  3. Frank Cook

    Crash when opening PDF

    I reported the same error via the crash reporter when it occurred. I found that normal PDF files opened OK, but those which had locks/restrictions crashed the program. I used PdfKey Pro to unlock the offending files, and Affinity Publisher then had no difficulty with them.
  4. In the Pages panel, each page I add has the legend Page X, where X is the original number of pages imported. Only the legend in the Pages panel is affected: if I put a Master Page with text inserted as Insert > Page Number, the correct page number for the added pages appears.