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  1. Hi Mark, I can't use hardware acceleration - have only Intel HD Graphics -> Onboard Intel Graphics HD 4600
  2. Hi, does anybode meet such situation ? Liquify Persona, moving pixels.. I'm getting such distortions as shown at the attached picture.. My mistake or this is a bug ?? same on the version Rgds, Marek (fotomak) PS. NO such situation with Affinity Photo customer beta
  3. β- - I'm not quite sure if this is the right thread (do not want to open a new one if ok) cropping file (.jpg) after choosing desired size, clicking Apply to execute, β- APhoto is closing. Is it also known issue or may be I'm doing something wrong ? ps. previous version - was ok
  4. Hi Chris now, ver., the issue has gone - it works ok (problem with registering Beta ver - sign in internal error - but it is other case and other thread)
  5. Hi Chris, thanx for reply can't do that.. after choosing Shortcut created on Desktop it can't be attached here (receiving message: file can not be found, check the name and try again) but the shortcut exists on the Desktop.. so I've done Send to > Compresed File.. and next > Create Desktop Shortcut (with compresed file) - now it is attached 1.0_(Beta).zip
  6. The bug still exists..! -> Affinity Photo customer beta (Win10 Pro) Recent files can't be removed either one by one nor all by "Clear" option Open -> Recent.. -> Clear after closing and restarting APh "Recent" is cleared (in case it was choosen to be clear)
  7. This is only (in my case) on Photo Beta - Win10Pro (checked on Designer & Publisher as well and here is ok) v. still has the same bug
  8. Recent files can't be removed either one by one (in case the file was moved from the location) nor all by "Clear" option Open -> Recent.. -> Clear Photo Win Cust Beta -
  9. I can confirm the problem exists for my D810, D700 & D300 as well ! AF Focus box is always greyed-out.
  10. Thanks Chris (sorry for delay in answering) - yes, this is exactly the situation.
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