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  1. thanks Soon is.. a great answer.. still, patiently awaiting
  2. Mark, but Tho Wer's question reffered to improvements implemented in Mac Beta 1.6.7 and When these features will be available for windows? As a metter of fact, I'd like to know this as well Regards
  3. Yes, this is really frustrating, specially if you consider Exposure (but of course not only) ! The other similar frustrating lack of function is adjuting (moving) sliders with mouse wheel decreasing or increasing value (or may be I do not know how to use/set it - Win wersion on PC)
  4. True, rotate Document and Rotate View are 2 different things, definitely ! Still.. try to move rotated and enlarged RAW file in Develop Persona (where view not document is rotated) with sliders (horizontal and vertical then work opposite) needed ex. for Blemish, Paint, Erase Tools which you need to correct at the Develop Stage (not at the next Photo Persona stage). I do understand that this is possible, not convenient but possible, nevertheless it is strange usage.
  5. Hi Alfred, yes, 15 degrees.. make it 6 times and then there is 90 degrees, great ! Lets go this way and click "Develope". Next the picture is in Photo Persona, try to operate with ex. enlarged picture with sliders changing the position Horizontal slider move the image vertically and vertical slider move the picture horizontaly. I do not think that this is the way to work with it.
  6. Thanks for the reply.. Yes, sure, my mistake, cause I do not mentioned that I ment "Develop Persona" not "Photo Persona" - or may be I can't find
  7. Beta - Still there is no rotate (clock/anticlock) function in desktop I do hope that concentrating on Affinity Photo for iPad you will not forget about desktop...
  8. Beta 1.6.86 - Still there is no Rotate (clock/anticlock) function in desktop I do hope that concentrating on Affinity Photo for iPad you will not forget about desktop...
  9. Thanks for the answer, great to know I haven't mentioned I was talking about desktop Affinity Photo for Win. I do hope that may be in the following beta ( these functions you will be able to implement as one of fixes Thanks a lot
  10. Hi, The topic is quite old but.. still there is no rotation icons to use for images in develop persona (in affinity photo version, may be in Beta version is reactivated) or.. if it's reactivated pls advice where to find it ? (I'm not talking about "rotation" in the "crop" tool) Thanks in advance for help and support.
  11. HI, it's nice to have Affinity Photo on Win :) - great job ! Is it possible to expect addjusting sliders beeing reactive on mouse wheel moove ? (or may be it goes but can't find how to set it ?) Regards, Fotomak