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  1. I can confirm the problem exists for my D810, D700 & D300 as well ! AF Focus box is always greyed-out.
  2. Hi all, I don't know if the thread was discussed .. 1. / Opening a jpg file 2. / Duplicating 3. / Selecting with the brush selection tool [W] (with the mouse, I have not tried the pen with the tablet) 4. / Releasing the mouse button - immediately AP-beta- crashes (turns off) Any suggestions ? Thanks for help and support Fotomak
  3. Hi @GabrielM, thnx for your reply.., you mean to place mouse pointer into the box with slider's value then scroll ? If so, Yes, this works but if you consider ex. Develop Persona and Exposure adjustment then scroling it the value "jumps" with via -1,-2,-3.. 1,2,3,... nothing intermediate - the intermidiate values you may obtain only with arrows on the left side of the box.. - this is really annoying specially when developing RAW files. Anyway, thanks for the reply and support, Marek
  4. Hi, Usage of mouse wheel to move sliders is very convinient feature but can't find it in Affinity Photo (Win). May be the topic was already disscused but can't find within forum.. if yes pls send me to the proper link/place if not and the feature is available in AP, pls let me know how, in which way or why I can't do this ? If there is no such possibility, is it considered to be implemented ? Thanks in advance for help and support, fotomak
  5. Yes, this is really frustrating, specially if you consider Exposure (but of course not only) ! The other similar frustrating lack of function is adjuting (moving) sliders with mouse wheel decreasing or increasing value (or may be I do not know how to use/set it - Win wersion on PC)
  6. Beta 1.6.86 - Still there is no Rotate (clock/anticlock) function in desktop I do hope that concentrating on Affinity Photo for iPad you will not forget about desktop...
  7. Thanks for the answer, great to know I haven't mentioned I was talking about desktop Affinity Photo for Win. I do hope that may be in the following beta ( these functions you will be able to implement as one of fixes Thanks a lot
  8. Hi, The topic is quite old but.. still there is no rotation icons to use for images in develop persona (in affinity photo version, may be in Beta version is reactivated) or.. if it's reactivated pls advice where to find it ? (I'm not talking about "rotation" in the "crop" tool) Thanks in advance for help and support.
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