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  1. Quote
    • The RAW processing engine in Photo has been rewritten - producing better results and improved performance.
    • RAW files now load much more quickly.
    • Re-implemented support for XTrans sensors.
    • The denoise algorithm has been rewritten (to produce better results).
    • Hot pixel removal is now automatically performed by the Serif Labs engine.
    • Profiled lens correction are more stable, apply more quickly, and can be toggled in the Develop UI.
    • The histogram in the Develop persona is now presented in the output colour space - as opposed to always being linear.

    finally....YEAH!!! Thanks a lot. That seems to be a great update. Will try it out this week.

  2. 19 hours ago, Mark Ingram said:

    Those services use edge providers to place the content close to where you live (e.g. the content will be mirrored to servers close to your location). We host the files on Amazon AWS, but only located on the east coast of USA (Virginia). If you're having a problem with the download, it won't be a problem with Amazon AWS, it will be with your ISP trying to reach the content in the USA.

    I had nothing of this problems before. Are the downloads new to this Amazon AWS?

  3. 21 minutes ago, Uwe367 said:

    I think the next Beta will come soon and i hope that this Problem is fixed then and the lights will work as well like the shadows.
    The Raw Converter has made a big step forward with the new clarity and the new shadow algorithm in the latest Beta and when the Problem with the lights is fixed, it´s nearly perfect. That´s my opinion.
    I´m courious and i let myself be surprised.

    Thanks to the development team. :)


    In addition - nearly perfect, if they improve the loading speed of fuji Raw files and fix the preset function incl. to add a global preset function. :)