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  1. I did, installed again... seems working now. Is this the new way of installing affinity apps? I had nothing like this with photo and designer before
  2. The Update worked without problems before, but at starting the App windows told me that there is nothing installed Ive got an error at setup after that. Whats happened here?
  3. finally....YEAH!!! Thanks a lot. That seems to be a great update. Will try it out this week.
  4. Hey guys will it be possible in the near future to change the color of the guide lines? This will help a lot at work. :)
  5. It is great to have the ability to save presets in the layer adjustments, but I cannot find any option to load these presets :mellow: I read in the help/manual and it says "right click" within the adjustment window, but nothing happens on a right click. How can I load a preset???
  6. can't wait to try it out. downloaded... <3
  7. Hofnaar

    Fuji raw files issues

    Are they any news here after more than a half year of my latest comment and near 2 years after the posting
  8. Hofnaar

    Poor Crop Tool

    I agree here
  9. same here... had this issue a few times now :/
  10. May Im the only one who need this in RAW editing for my fuji x-series and canon pictures, but is it on the roadmap for the near future? I can't find any thread about it :) attached is an example of how adobe did this in lightroom
  11. Hofnaar

    Call for Camera Images

    done with images from Fujifilm X20, X-E1 and X-E2 incl Fujinon Lenses XF27mm f2.8 and XF35mm f2 I hope this will help you.
  12. Needed the same function last week for a calendar project. At the end I had to export 13 times by clicking the next artboard in the export dialog. Waste of time
  13. I always hit "ctrl + j" to duplicate a layer as in photoshop before
  14. Hofnaar

    AP Crash at export JPG

    I hope so, but if not, Im coming back here.
  15. Ive got this Error at saving a JPG few moments ago. After restart and try it again, it worked
  16. But whrere it is? I cannot find this option. But I can use alt + zoom to zoom fit into a selection
  17. I had the same problem yesterday in AP and AD. Can you tell us, which file I had to copy in the AppData? I will save it as a backup for next versions then.
  18. - Xnview or irfanview for a picture browser alternative incl. RAW - Luminar or Lightzone for an Lightroom alternative with editing a bunch of pictures at the same time
  19. Hofnaar

    Fuji raw files issues

    Yes, its still slow but here on my notebook with just an old dual i5 4200m at 2,5GHz and 8GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 4600 It works way better as in the Betas before #8? (see my list above) No RAW Editor can handle DR Settings, because its not a RAW Information. Only for the JPEGs Yes, for CPU peaks at simple operations and the histogram lag Im still hoping, fuji has the same importance for the affinity dev team, like all other camera brands...