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  1. Klasse Tutorial. Schön einen weiteren deutschen zu sehen, der schon dran sitzt. :) Wie veränderst du die Pinselbreite? Welche Tasten sollen das sein? Ich konnte leider auch in der Hilfe nichts dazu finden und habe sogar schon ein Feature Request gemacht dazu, hier im Forum :D
  2. I think it would better for the workflow to have the context toolbar as dialog boxes with the specific tool options for each tool on right mouse click, like in photoshop. Maybe also a keyboard shortcut to resize brushes, pencil etc with mousewheel :)
  3. Sure. Png export sucks in Freehand. Also transparencies. I tried Gravit, but its only online and that sucks too for me. I look forward to the future of AF designer. Im pretty sure it will be my new Freehand alternative :)
  4. Hofnaar

    Polygon Lasso Tool

    or use SHIFT key for the freehand selection tool. :)
  5. Freehand 10 is still in use here on my windows10 x64, next to inkscape, cause of its workflow. Adobe never used the great potential of freehand for his products :)
  6. thanks. I just wanted to do that right now hehe. :)
  7. in addition: it would be also usefull to drag & drop a layer into another project tab/picture :)