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  1. Compared to adobe photoshop it is 100% usable. Compared to gimp it is a ferrari against a snake. I cannot agree to the thread starter. Im also using win10 with both affinity apps at the latest versions (but it made no difference since the first beta for windows)
  2. Drag and drop layers and groups to another document would be nice too :)
  3. I want to keymap "layers" - "arrange move to front/back..." with ctrl + arrow keys up/down. How can I do this? :)
  4. Hofnaar

    Fuji raw files issues

    ok, Ive tested it with 4 files now and yes, its an reproduceable issue. (I never noticed this before, maybe because I don't compare them together) ^_^ To be fair and maybe to help the affinity develop team I attached two pictures. The first one is Adobe Camera Raw, the second one is Affinity Photo RAW Persona. I can make them near equal by bringing - the exposure slider to +2 steps - and the color temperature to the same value of ACR. BUT, - the Histogram is still far away from a correctly display So like I said, Its just a misinterpreting of the fuji RAW files at import :) I hope this will help.
  5. Hofnaar

    Fuji raw files issues

    Hey guys, another X-Shooter here. I have used my X20, X-E1 and X-E2 with affinity. All RAF Files were displayed correctly for me. But its true, the import of RAW files still takes a bit long. Reminds me of the latest versions of Lightroom, they had a similar issue in the past. But I think its ok right now - just need to be improved in upcoming versions of AP. :) I will test the develop persona again with XT1 and XT2 from the source above X-T1 http://www.photographyblog.com/previews/fujifilm_x_t1_photos/ X-T2 http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/fujifilm_x_t2_review/sample_images/ I have another issue(feature) with Fuji RAF files for the future: we need the fuji film/picturestyles in the RAW persona
  6. Affinity Photo has a very nice Histogram so far, I can switch between each channel All, R, G + B All, C, M, Y + K All, L, A + B and I can activate layers and selections optional which is totally great! Thanks for that feature. But I think a luminance channel or option is needed in RGB and CMYK too, for minimum of two reasons: - I could only see and use the white and black tone spreading over the whole image - I could work without colors (incl. greyscaled icons) which confusing the eyes at work
  7. Hofnaar

    [APh] Gamma Function

    Hey Fred, can you explain what you mean? You can adjust gamma already with tools like curves or levels
  8. Of course, this would be also great for Photo :)
  9. it is probably a rendering error. If I zoom into the picture the white line moves to the top
  10. When I import RAF(RAW) Files from my Fujifilm X20, I get this strange white Line on the left side.
  11. When I crop a picture and select 6x4, 8,5x11 or 1024x768 this three fixed format presets do not work correctly as fixed.
  12. Ok, but why is ctrl, alt or shift not working to hold this the aspect ratio (in example 6x4) when I resize it?
  13. sorry for my bad english. Yes, I can resize them without the aspect ratio. I think it should work like the other first 3 presets with a fix aspect ratio. I hope you can understand what I mean. Otherwise I can make a video to show it.
  14. Ok, I found this "tabstopps" tool - maybe not good translated and also not good explained in the help files. In example I cannot find it via the search function Another Problem is, when I already have a text with tabs integrated and I add Tabs in this "tabstopps" tool, I have to delete the tabs in the text and hit [TAB] between the words again to activate the new tab
  15. It would be nice to have a TABs (in german Tabulator) tool when working with text. Are there any plans to implement this in future? :) And of course, It will be also usefull for photo too
  16. just to complete this :) two older videos (freehand vs illustrator) on youtube, but they explain what workflow really means for the user: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f8CKjsYS9k https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2qZgT3fnwOU
  17. Hofnaar

    Wacom tablet problem

    works sometimes fine, but if you change anything like colour or brush options with the wacom, it will stop working correctly and you will see the mouse cursor again in current version on windows
  18. If I drag a guide line first time out of the ruler, I cannot see where I am on the XY axe. I have to drag it somewhere in the document and have to pick it up a second time to see the little info box with the ruler info [*mm/cm]. I've had made a little short video to show what I mean. :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5eZNf6dYiXc Timeline 1.mov
  19. needed also for me: AG4M044PTZ thanks. :) A good way would be, If I could download it in my user panel.
  20. Danke, habe dich auch abonniert. Ja komme aus Berlin. :) das mit ctrl & alt plus mousewheel teste ich gleich mal. Danke //EDIT: hmm, geht leider nicht auf windows. Ich habs mir jetzt auf strg + alt + y oder x gelegt zum vergrößern/verkleinern der pinselgrößen.
  21. Dankööö :) Ein neues ist nun auch online https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxX_SbNVuLI Grüße aus Berlin
  22. Hofnaar

    Raw files - Affinity Photo

    Just drag and drop them into photo. And of course file-open works fine here on win 10 x64 :)