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  1. in example for curves (this option is available in all adjustment layers) ...see in the upper left corner of the windows :P
  2. thanks, I know. But not in the photo persona! ;)
  3. refreshing the fonts on the fly is already working here on my AP v1.5
  4. Sad to say, but more than 5 RAWs at the same time is unpossible to work in affinity photo right now. I hope the guys will bring a working preset functionality and batch processing for series of pictures as soon as possible. :)
  5. Sometimes I install a new beta or stable version Affinity is losing her complete settings I did before, also the plugin directories. Thats a bit annoying guys ;)
  6. Some changes and new features will help 1. It would be useful to drag rectangles from scratch somewhere in the picture with the crop tool 2. If I make a selection with the selection tool, it would ne nice to find a point in the menu like "crop to active selection" 3. I cannot use the arrow keys to change the position of the current crop before cropping 4. If i rotate the crop and get some transparent/ empty pixels in the corners, it would be nice when AP will have an option to automatically crop to a smaller crop ratio 5. If I hit ESCAPE key it should left the crop tool like I hit "cancel" with the mouse
  7. 6. in some cases straigthen don't work correct you can see it here at 1:20min https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84DqjZbjHjw
  8. I know what you mean. And you are right with it. But, the advantage of how lightroom or ACR is working with series of big RAW files is to put them into a xml like database or let us call it catalogue. Not for sorting files, but for a fast as possible editing of a series of photos. You don't need to load and edit each photo separately (Of course you can...) if you want to edit a series of photos. In AP photo persona the macro function is currently not useful for that kind of work. Neither the stack and batch job function. And the preset function in the raw/develop persona is not working as it should be right now. Maybe booth in near future... thats the reason for such a thread (in my opinion) :)
  9. @czech.kuba the point is, that we need to edit series of pictures from time to time with a specific look for the whole series. In example for weddings, events, birthdays.....
  10. NIK is free since more than a year :)
  11. Simple Question: Is it possible to add global presets for all adjustments in RAW Persona? I know that you can add presets for each step (Basic, Lens, Details...) but is it possible to make a global preset? I cannot find this option anywhere.
  12. The individual function to save a preset is still not working in Beta 54 I tried to save presets for overlays for a series of pictures, to achieve a specific look for all pics. It does nothing. I have some empty presets now LOL :D Will this be fixed in the next versions? It is a feature that I really need every day as a photographer. :)
  13. Yes. We strongly need this feature asap. :)
  14. I agree. But let me say, its all about the algorhithm. Adobe has 20 years experience against the affinity guys. I think it will be better asap. :)
  15. If you have more than 2 overlays, it is sometimes hard to know which was which :P So it would be nice and helpful to rename overlays. It would be also nice to see the overlay by holding alt, ctrl or shift (alt is like lightroom)
  16. Hey guys, If you are fit in german or german based user, you can follow my channel on youtube, where I made tutorials for affinity now. The first video was about how to start with APhoto https://youtu.be/JdHa29RCfCk The second tutorial about RAW developing is online since few minutes. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_d76jl6S8Gs Have fun and feel free to share your comments,likes and thoughts about it with me. cheers, seb :)
  17. Thanks MBd for your words. Yes I allready know it, but I have to try it out on some pictures first, before I will get this as a hint to my users. In my opinion its different to a merged layer, cause of cpu usage and the kind of math the sharpening is using. :)
  18. Yes, normally fuji delivered the lens correction within the RAF files. AP just needs to read this correctly. :)
  19. it would be nice to have flow or opacity for the gradient brush in the develop persona I know there is opacity for each gradient channel, but that is not the same in some cases :)
  20. un-ticking and re-ticking the box is a general problem also for the presets in develop persona. Not very usefull yet. Ok, we found 4 Problem in summ here - no mid slider for linear gradients - un-ticking and re-ticking some boxes when you have more than 1 gradient - un-ticking and re-ticking presets to activate the current preset - and in addition: it would be nice to have flow or opacity for the gradient brush (i know there is opacity for each gradient channel, but that is not the same in some cases)
  21. Ahh yes, sorry. :P just take a look here at 6min, where I start with overlays. Its a german video I made yesterday https://youtu.be/XM4nNR4iy7M?t=6m You can see the problem at around 9:50
  22. look forward to it :) what is about the second problem with lights and shadows slider?
  23. I dont have any midpoint slider to use.
  24. Just use artboards for multi page. It works also great for multi page pdf export. Its simple and easy and you can export different layers as own pages too.