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  1. After updating AD to 1.9 I see Node tool twice just below each other on the toolbar. Strange. There is no such thing on any video I saw on '5 things you should know about Affinity Designer 1.9' page ...
  2. Lazy answer but fine... 1. Affinity Designer, Windows 10 2. Yes 3. Yes and Yes open attached document zoom to 200 % select red line move the line up or down by pressing Up Arrow or Down Arrow on your keyboard top measure number is not readable... measure.afdesign
  3. Picture is worth a thousand words. Today I tried in Affinity Designer vertically position line but due to the object "handle" the top value was not readable. I understand it is a (very) rare case but still it suxx.
  4. I upgraded to version 1.6 yesterday around midnight and I am using only W10 Defender and build-in firewall, nothing else. I installed the app with English (United States) language and my internet connection was working all the time. I tried it today and bonus content link was there, without any changes on my side. Thanks for help.
  5. Hi, I just updated my Affinity Photo to version 1.6 and the welcome screen shows only "Affinity Designer, perfect companion to Affinity Photo", the promised link to Affinity Photo bonus content is not there. Any ideas? Thank You.
  6. I tried to open PDF document in AffP and find two problems there. 1) When I dropped the PDF file icon on AffP workspace, the file explorer window with PDF file gets locked until I closed the PDF Options window, that suxx. (Windows 10) 2) The PDF import is not bad but far from perfect, especially text kerning is bad. Photoshop is importing PDFs as plain image, so why not add option "import as image" too?
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