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    I have a question regarding the integration of Photo in my Lightroom workflow: I have added Photo as an external editor in Lightroom, and selected ProPhoto 16-bit TIFF as the file format. The picture opens up in Photo, but as soon as I want to save my picture (even if I did not make any changes), I can save it only as file type .afphoto. This is true no matter if I select Save or Save As. The same is true if I select PSD instead of TIFF as the file format. This means that currently I am unable to make any changes in Photo that would be recognized by Lightroom.


    Same problem when roundtripping from Capture One

  2. Hi Vicks


    Thanks for the feedback, we'll be sure to take this under consideration whilst we continue to develop the app :)

    By the way in the share section of the forum I found a user that compiled  some macros so that you can create luminosity masks directly from the library tab (the process of which still is obscure to me), this solves almost everything under what I expected, at this point wouldn't it be nice to integrate those macro in a standard release?


    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  3. @smadell that's awesome, I can't really thank you enough for what you provided, it really make affinity a viable option with these LMs.

    I went form 'mildly disappointed' to very enthusiastic in 5 minutes, and potentially convinced me that I'm likely to buy affinity now that I know that this is in fact a doable thing, just hope it gets incorporated as a standard in a next release.
    Thank you again.
    I am new to Affinity so may I ask you how did you manage to create those masks in the forst place?

  4. Ok sorry for writing here again but I'll just leave this here in the hope someone could find this useful.
    First, Thanks Guys for taking the time to port Photo to Windows, it's most appreciated, more than you may think.
    Second, I'll try and list some of the bugs/feedback I think are usefull for a user that's looking at photo as a replacement for Photoshop, not as a cataloguing device.


    The following points are not about bugs only, but also features desired for a more efficient workflow

    -As I stated before: no color selection tool with respective range control, I know there is selection for green/blue/ad red but it does not even come close to what a more advance user might want

    -No detailed luminosity mask/selection tool, Mandatory in my opinion, resterize to mask and selecti midtone/shadow/highlight are not viable alternatives for detailed work, nor are the options in the gear windows in every adjustement layer.

    -no color picker when opening the HSL A.L. ? really? it really pulls you way from your work.

    -No quick way to adjust brush flow and opacity. clicking on buttons is not the way to do it, it's a workflow killer, the old Alt+Rightclick Drag method is a Godsend for speed and reliability all in one gesture.

    -The image displayied seems to refresh and flickers and reconstruct its preview every time some changes are done or you zoom in and out. (I'd assume this is a graphic bug and will be solved in future releases of beta)

    -I didn't find a way to merge into a panorama the images opened in my editor, itseems you have to open them from the explorer provided, how abut I have all my needed images stack on layers and in the dialogue box I click 'use opened images'

    -No reliable way to align layers (sorry it's just that), creating a stack doesnt seem to work reliably.

    -Some plug-in that worked perfectly before nw don't seems to work (the nik collection)

    -overall the UI seems crowded on a 1080p screen, maybe ui scaling would be a good idea, and I know that windows scaling is os dipendet and OSX is app dependent.

    More or less these are my main concerns for now, and I repeat FOR NOW.
    I'd really like to switch to photo for my external editing needs but some of the features are really distracting and annoying, I don't necesserely want this to be photoshop, but undoubtebly there are some things PS does much more fluidly (in a workflow sense) and in a more detailed way.

    Please don't take this as a review or a negative experience, I do sincerely appreciate the work and effort that's going on for allowing us windows user to have photo at our disposal, but I feel even more involved in giving you guys feedback because you seem to listen much more than any other company.

    P.S. please please please guys make that luminosity mask panel happen please



  5. Hi Vicks. 


    There should be a select sample colour option underneath all the tonal ranges selections. This is currently missing form this initial beta build, but I'm sure it'll will be added in subsequent builds :)

    Thanks, good to know, do you know if a more simple way to create luminosity masks is on the way too? clearly resterize to mask and the options displaied in the gear icon on every adjustement layers are way to long and finniky, really really distrupt workflow

  6. Ehy huys, I just noticed and thumbled around for a bit trying to find an easy way to select color ranges like in photoshop.
    In the select tab I only get to select midrange/hilights/shadows and red green and blue.
    Isn't there a way to access a selection tab where you get to sample a color and control the it's range?


    PS. and by the way Serif, if I choose English as a language don't installa the Italian version of the software


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